Saturday, August 27, 2011

First day of School!

Thought I'd blog about this before I forget. I had planned to make pancakes for breakfast, but I woke up and our lone egg, or so I thought, was 5 days expired. We were also out of milk, so let's hop in the car in our jammies and get some donuts. Everyone liked that plan!
Chocolate for Micah, strawberry with sprinkles for Cara.
Always a happy girl.

Turns out I got home and found another dozen (I just KNEW I had bought more!) on another shelf. Oh well, it made the start of school a little more memorable!

Sweet boy, ready to start 'preschool!!"

I printed this sign and had them stand with it. Tried to get just Cara, but Micah wanted to be involved!

Not quite kindergarten for him, but look at that cheesey grin! He kept calling those his preschool clothes becaues he picked them out the night before. Silly Micah man!!

Working on letters with playdoh. Made a little girl too.

Micah made 'the sad letter,' O.

We had a pretty great first week. Had its hiccups and its successes. We are enjoying the family time and flexibility for sure. Next blog: Anna's 1st birthday party!

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