Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday my sweet Micah Man

Micah man--

You are the most affectionate, handsome little man I've ever known :).  We just love your bright red hair and bright blue...changing to green (??!?!) eyes.  You love your mommy, daddy and sister beyond words and light up whenever anyone talks to you.  You are still crawling everywhere, and are practicing your walking more and more.  You are so content, so happy, so joyful!  You currently can sign more, milk, eat, mommy, daddy, and hi.  You say ni-ni (night night) when we lay you down and are happy about it.  As of this past Wednesday, you were fully weaned onto cow's milk, and aren't having any problems.  You jabber all the time, and say momma, dadda, ni-ni, no, hi, and try to say everything else we say! :)  You probably say more, but you and sister (and Aynslee) keep my hands full and I probably don't remember!!! 

Daddy and I are so happy God chose us as your parents!!  We pray over you and continually pray that you give your heart to Jesus at a young age.  We pray over your future wife, and that her parents are 'training her up in the way she should go' as well.  We can't wait for the day when you can memorize scripture with your sister, and we are so happy you are as comfortable with our church family as we are.  Micah, we look forward to many more years loving and raising you.  We are the lucky ones!!! 

Here's a link to your birth story, and I will post more pictures soon!

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