Wednesday, July 02, 2008

2 year stats

Before I forget, I want to post Cara's 2 year stats. We went to the doctor last Friday, 6/27 and she was 33.5 pounds and 36.75 inches tall. I asked the doctor if she was 100%, 100% and 25% (head measurement) and she said, just about! She's off the charts for weight and height for her age, and her head was in the 50%! She's a great eater, and drinker. We've switched her to organic skim milk, and she took the change like a champ. She got her 1 shot at her 2 year, and cried for about 1 minute. She is such a big girl! We took her pacifier away last Wednesday, 6/25 (she only has it for bed and nap anyways), and we dealt with it for a week, but tonight we caved and gave it back to her. Some days would be fine, and she'd only fuss for a few minutes, then go to sleep, but sometimes, it'd be 30 minutes!! She doesn't need it to sleep (it falls out half the time), it's just getting to sleep. And, she sleeps longer with it (read: later in the mornings), so, I made Eric cave and we gave it back to her for another 6 months or so. Especially since we're going out of town Friday, and I like to have it in the car just in case she wants to nap :). Hopefully, we'll get through potty training and then see if she wants to give it up. She was just too pitiful when at bedtime she'd ask for her baby and paci like she always did, and would only get the baby. She has the biggest bottom lip! :) Anyways, there are tons of pictures on flickr. Oh, I got my hair cut today, FINALLY, the 1st time in 3 months. My bible study is still going great, what an inspiration. I'm in the process of reading about 3 books, but they've all been great. Anyways, will update after our Corpus trip.

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