Thursday, July 31, 2008

Potty Training, Bronchitis, and did I mention insurance SUCKS! :(

So Cara is potty trained (when she's awake). We don't put her in diapers anymore unless she's going down for nap or nighttime. She pooped again on the potty yesterday for Eric while I was at my doctors appointment, more on that later....

She's had a cough for a little while, and then 2 days ago started with a runny nose. She hasn't ran a fever, and acts like she feels fine, just sounds congested. So we took her to the doctor today and they said she has 'slight' bronchitis (meaning she has it, you either do or you don't, right?). So we got her meds and she's ok. They said she's not contagious and we can go to church on Sunday, but oh I hate explaining that. Since we were up early waiting to call the doctor at 8 am to get in right away, we got a lot done today. We came home, Eric mowed the front yard and Cara 'helped' me weed the front flower beds. Then when it got to 10, we went to the Inflatable Zone here in Katy (because we thought it opened at 10, but we were wrong, it opened at 9:30). So she loved it and we played there for an hour until they closed at 11 (for preschools, etc). Then we came home, let her get down to her undies and she played in the sprinkler in the front yard. By this time she was still muggy and sweaty, so we put her in a quick bath (after lunch) and now she's sound asleep. It's amazing what we can get done before 12 when we get up (and get dressed) at a decent hour!! :)

So, onto insurance. Eric called earlier this week and verified that his last paycheck is tomorrow (which we were expecting--did I mention his first paycheck with Katy ISD is 9/1 :( ). But, what we didn't realize was that his insurance ends TODAY!! And Katy's doesn't kick in until 9/1. So, I called my doctor frantic 2 days ago to move up my glucose test because I didn't want a $600 doctor appointment when we don't have insurance. They worked me in yesterday, and that went ok. Micah's heart rate - 140. I gained no weight since last appointment, so still up 4 pounds total, blood pressure up a little, 130/70, but now she wants to see me every 2 weeks (I'm only 26 weeks and 4 days) which puts me having 2 appointments in August. She said are you really not going to have insurance in August, what if you get in a car wreck, or have some problems and need to be admitted to the hospital. So now I'm all worried and am considering paying the $693 in cobra for 1 months coverage!! This totally sux. Plus, while I was there the insurance lady at the doctors office tells me to let her know if I'm going to do cobra or not, because she needs to close out the doctors bills from the beginning of my pregnancy through either 7/31 or 8/31 depending on if I do it or not. I say what do you mean, I've been getting EOBs for all appointments. She says, oh that's just your copay, and lab work and ultrasounds. We haven't actually billed for the doctors services, we usually do that at delivery, but since your switching mid-pregnancy, we have to close it out. I asked how much that is going to cost me and she said she didn't know, so I'm about to get on the phone with the insurance company. Fun for me. Please pray that God continues to provide for us. We truly need it over the next few months!!

In other more fun news, I've been on a cooking kick again (finally!). I cooked TONS until my first trimester wave of sickness hit, and nothing smelled good to me. Then 2nd trimester hit and I begged Eric to do all the grilling, and we ate out a lot (thanks for gift cards family!) because of birthdays, etc. But now, I'm on a roll. The other day, I made steamed broccoli, egg noodles/butter sauce and chicken. Then Tuesday I put a pork loin (I didn't know was in my freezer) in the crock pot all day. My house smelled wonderful and it was scrumptious! I made fresh green beans that night. Last night we had leftover pork and I made mashed fresh sweet potatoes! Yum-o!! Tonight I've got some chicken in the crock pot (I found my crock pot cookbook, so yep, I'm on a new kick again) :) and I'm going to have salad and corn. Did I mention I made homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies tuesday night, they are gone today.

Ok, enough procrastinating on the insurance call (I came home yesterday totally bummed and ended up taking a 2 hour nap during Cara's nap instead of calling), so I'm off. Love ya!

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