Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to me :)

Today is my 28th birthday. So far it's been a pretty normal, yet fun day. Cara woke up about 7:30, but I was up at 7 having to pee and sneeze! Eric gave me a card from he and Cara and then left to go to his last day of band camp. She ate a little early and wanted to go outside and play with her bubbles. Since our yard was still shaded, off we went. She played outside for about 45 minutes while I watched and tried to finish my latest book that I've been reading. We came in just in time for me to take off her wet clothes, and set her on the potty to see if she needed to go. About that time my Mary Kay lady rang the doorbell, and even after a confirmation call and a reminder call last night, I had STILL forgot she was coming! I hurried to let her in, put the dogs in my room, get Cara off the potty, and put some more decent clothes on! She helped me pick a better shade (since I'm 'so dark' now from my tan) and gave me a birthday discount! After that, Cara and I hung out the rest of the morning. She watched a little tv while I desperately tried to finish the last 10 pages of my book (did I mention it was really cute and I couldn't wait to see how it ended). So I was a little selfish this morning, but it IS my birthday. However, Cara did sit on the potty TWICE and went this morning, YEA! Eric came home early, around 11;15, and we ate lunch and played some more. She ended up having a little accident on Daddy while they were playing in her room (and I finished my book), but that's ok. She's currently down for her nap. I finished my last and most favorite page in her 1st year scrapbook, and Eric is painting baby Micah's room.

My mom came up yesterday and watched Cara while I went to bible study, and later Eric and I went to my 24 week doctors appointment. The heart rate was 150, and my measurement was 'just perfect' per my OB, which I assumed meant I was at 24 cm. I thought I had gained like 15 pounds this month, but was happy to find out it was only 6! So total, I'm up 4 pounds from the weight I was when I got pregnant. Which is a little more than I had gained at this point with Cara, but with Eric and Cara's birthday, and traveling out of town so much the past month, I'm ok with it. We are back in town for good, most likely, for the rest of the summer, so I can regulate my eating habits a little bit more (except today, it's my birthday, and Monday, our anniversary!!). My mom took us out to eat at Carino's last night, and we had a yummy meal! My favorite is their Chicken Gorgonzola and sun dried tomato salad. YUMMY! We also got the apple skilletini AND turtle cheesecake to share for dessert. Cara, after eating so much salad, chicken, eric's pasta and break, was very happy to see CAKE :).

Tonight Eric's family is taking us out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. We have to eat early because Eric has a performance again tonight with the town and country playhouse. We are looking forward to that honey cinnamon butter! :) I can't believe it's already July 18th, where has this summer gone? We've done a lot of cleaning and organizing, but on the other hand, there is so much more to do. I asked Eric to not give me a gift this year, and to focus on building some built-ins for me (next to our fireplace if you've ever seen our house). He has bought the wood and has the plans drawn, so I think he's going to start on those this weekend. On Wednesday of next week, he can FINALLY get into his new band hall! We are planning on spending some good family time up there helping organize all the new instruments, music, office, etc. We had dinner on Tuesday with Dan and Elisabeth Brodt, Dan is going to be the part-time assistant band director with Eric this year. They were wonderful and fun! They have an adopted vietnamese son, Noah, who is 21 months old, and are waiting to hear on getting their 2nd baby, from Korea. Elisabeth was an orchestra director in Katy for awhile, and now is an assistant VP at Cinco Ranch JH. We are so happy we got to meet and finally hang out with them, we think we'll have fun this year!

In other news, our friends, Luis and Alexis had their baby girl twins yesterday. There were some complications, and there is still much prayer needed. So if you think about it, please say a little prayer for them and their 2 baby girls!
Much Love!

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