Tuesday, July 08, 2008

23 weeks and counting down...

Just a quick post to list some of the cute things Cara has been doing lately :). She's very good with her words, we were at the doctor today and she found some small diapers and said "baby diapers" and then there was a strawberry on a bag and she told the dr. what it was, and the dr. was very impressed. Her best friend is our neighbor Aynslee. Anytime we get home from going somewhere and she sees Stephanie's car out front, she starts "Aynsee aynsee." Or when she wakes up from a nap. We have to tell her that Aynslee's "night night" most of the time. They do however see each other most days. When we went over yesterday to say hi (for the first time since like last Wednesday), they both just danced and giggled for like 5 minutes! They are too cute together. She has lots of other friends, but because she knows 2 Hailee's and a Bailey, she thinks all little girls are named Hailee. She has been running a slight fever for a couple days, and we think she's starting to get her 2 year molars. Although, normally, she starts to get them like 4-5 months before they actually break through!! She had a HORRIBLE night's sleep last night. She went to bed fine at 7:30, but from about 1:15 - 7, she woke up every hour or so crying. Everyone who knows her knows she loves to sleep, even when she's sick. So we were very worried. She told Eric once last night that "it hurts" and tried to scratch her bum. Then this morning after breakfast she kept saying it hurts and started crying. So we took her in, and she has pinworms. I had heard about them before on Dr. Oz, but I'm utterly mortified. Although, it does say "Pinworm infections can happen to anyone. They are not related to being unclean." Makes me feel a little better, but still, sorry she has to go through it. It's very easy to treat, one chewable pill today (she took it like a champ, her first one) and one in 2 weeks to kill anything that's hatched since then. She just seemed out of it today, partially from the lack of sleep, and from her backside hurting. She went to sleep fine, so we'll pray she stays like that.

In other news, Eric started rehearsals tonight for Oklahoma. He plays each summer at the Town & Country Playhouse. So he'll be gone each night this week, and the next 3 weekends. I think he enjoys getting to play, and for money!! :) This Saturday we are traveling to Georgetown to attend Eric's best friend, Ronnie's little brothers wedding. It just happens to be 6 miles from my grandparents house, so get free room and board :). Next week Eric is working at the Katy ISD junior high band camp from 8-1 all week. I had to reschedule my 24 week appointment in the afternoon, so that Eric can come. It'll be on the 17th at 2:15. Just a normal quick checkup before the big 28 week diabetes check.

We had a great time in Corpus, visiting Eric's grandma (MeeMee), aunt, uncles, and cousins. One of his cousins had a little boy back in December, so it was fun to see Cara interact with little Matthew. Although, she called him Mack a few times (which is what she calls Bailey's husband now for some reason). It was the first time since switching to her big girl bed that we went out of town. She slept in the hotel bed great. We had the gate on one side and set up chairs on the other. She woke up a couple times not knowing where she was, but we just said go back to sleep and she did. We got to have Krispy Kreme for breakfast on Saturday, they were SO GOOD. I'm gald they aren't here in Katy! I'll post pictures as soon as I get them off my computer.

Yesterday Bailey came up and Eric watched Cara all day so we could go scrapbook. We went to Archivers and used their die cuts and everything for free. It was awesome. I finished Cara's first year album. I have our normal family albums that are ongoing, I usually sort them by years, but I decided I'd do a 1 year album for all the babies! I'm so happy it's finished, and it looks really cute!!

In other news, my bible study is still going strong. I'm REALLY enjoying learning my Psalms of Ascent! I feel closer to God, and I feel more at peace in general. I finished the book I was reading, and have started Dare to Discipline by James Dobson. I'm in a reading fit, can't stop! Eric went and bought the wood today to build me my built ins that's he's been promising me for my birthday. And he got the paint for baby Micah's room, so we'll be painting soon. There's lots more to write, but I'm tired and have to get some sleep.

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