Sunday, July 20, 2008


Just a note to remember how cute Cara is at this stage. She used to say I LOVE you, and draw out LOVE, like she did in Amen in that song ;) But now, since she loves so many things, she has shortened it to ilolu. It is very cute. Here is a typical conversation of ours in the car (substitue boat for any object we might pass, such as a cow, car, train, BIG truck, etc):

Cara: "Daddy, Mommy, BOAT"
Us: "Yes baby, we see the boat"
Cara: "Bye bye boat" (as we pass it on the road)
Us: "Bye bye boat"
Cara: "Ilolu boat"


She loves everything. This morning we were heading to church, and she knows our neighbor's daughter, Aynslee is in her class sometimes (currently they're out of town on vacation and we're watching their dog Ranger). So here goes:

Cara: "Aynslee" (pronounced aynsee)
Me: "No baby, Aynslee's on vacation, remember, that's why we have Ranger"
Cara: "Aynsee vacation. Ilolu Aynsee"
Me: "Yes, we love Aynsee"
Cara: "bye bye Ranger" (on our way out the door)
Cara: "Ilolu Ranger"

So cute. Just had to share :)

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