Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sorry if it grosses you out....

But we have been keeping Cara in 'panties' for a couple of weeks now while we're home. We've even ventured out a time or two with no accidents with them on. Anyways, this evening, not only did she pee on the potty, which has become more and more the norm, but she POOPED!! For the first time!! I was home alone, Eric had left shortly before (after witnessing a triumphant peepee) to go to his performance, but Cara just sat and did her business like she always has!! This is more for my recollection than anything (did I mention I'm only up to June 2007 scrapbooking, and I reference my blog all the time to figure out what she did when!), but am also a very proud mommy! A friend of mine told me the other day that she and her hubby think Cara is very smart. Now who doesn't like to hear that? I'm not a bragger, and I'm DEFINITELY not a teacher (that's Eric, totally), so I don't know how she knows what she knows, but we are very happy parents. Just for my future reference she knows:
all her colors (though sometimes mixes up brown and black)
can count 1-11 and recognize all numbers 0-9
knows her ABCs, can sing the song, and can recognize them by sign and by actual letter (we are starting the phonics now)
still knows TONS of signs, and when she really wants to get her point across, uses them
knows a lot of shapes (triangle, rectangle, square, oval, moon, circle, diamond)
can sing the itsy bitsy spider (with signs), Yes Jesus loves me (with some signs), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, her ABCs, the Elmo world song, I think that's it.
She LOVES to dance, will even dance to Eric's bopping metronome!! She is such a sweet heart.

We tried to make her give up her pacifier (she only has it in bed for nap and nighttime) right before July 4th, but it didn't go so hot (some nights ok, some not), so we gave it back to her until after Micah comes. Speaking of, she LOVES Micah. She kisses my belly. Eric finished painting his room, so we've been arranging the furniture in there, and she loves going to 'baby Micah's room' and just sitting. Eric has also cut a whole in our garage and found storage up there (in the attic that we had no access too) and he built a door for it. He's in the process still of building my built ins for our living room, I can't WAIT to have storage!! We went up to his new school/band hall Monday and today. They are going to move the move in date back yet again. It was supposed to be the 14th, then 21st, then 28th and now they're saying end of next week, which gives us VERY little time to get his inventory assigned, office and storage organized, music purchased, still audition 30 more 5th graders for instruments, get t-shirts made, start band boosters, organize fund raisers, and the list goes on. Did I mention the assistant band director is only part time this year? Between his school and another new school that has 230+ in its JH band!! He will be busy that's for sure.

I guess that wasn't such a quick update, but there you go. Keep praying for us, as we try to pray for you each evening!! Love to all!

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