Monday, December 07, 2009

Micah Man

I feel like I need a kid update :).  Micah is just the sweetest thing!  I have to brag because, well frankly, he's the 2nd child and I really don't keep up with all the stuff as much as I should!!  He already says mama, dada, yaya, nana, and see, I already can't remember....but his new word he started saying over the past few days is ball!  Tonight while I was getting him ready for bed (he's 13 months and I've started changing him on the floor instead of the changing table because he's so active he practically flips off.....while Cara was 2.5 and I was still putting her night diaper on up there!) he saw two little balls and was saying "ball, ball" and signing it! He also thinks some of the Christmas tree ornaments are balls :). He can CHUNK those balls too, is it too early to sign him up for pitching lessons? :)  We need that Astros income in the family baby!  (totally kidding!)

He's a signer too!  He currently can sign mom, dad, milk, ball, hi, bye, all done, more, shoes (which looks very similar to more!), and some others.  He is a drooler!  He currently has 3 teeth on top and 3 teeth on bottom and about 6 more coming in.  He's been a little cranky lately, so I think a few will break through soon.  He's even modeled a few of my hats for sale on my etsy shop lately....though he doesn't like too!  Most pictures he's trying to pull them OFF his head!  He's still not walking alone yet, but he is oh so close!  He took his first step the Tuesday before Thanksgiving while we were waiting at dance class.  Nana came up to watch and he took a step from me to her.  He continually will take one or so, but that's it.  But he cruises all over the house.  He's definitely getting more and more brave, so it'll come in the next month I think! 
Here's us trying to get a good shot of the 4 of us in front of a tree at church....did not go so well! :)

And the two cuties at home before church last Wednesday.
Micah so wants to be a big kid.  This was last Tuesday on my best bud Valerie's birthday.  We had the family over for dinner, and after the kids were all playing.  Cara climbed into Val's lap so she could read her a book, and instantaneously she had 3 little boys all over her too!  Micah is getting to where he loves to be around Cara, and Jack and Sam too.  He just follows them around!

It's sad, I've been taking lots of sewing pictures lately, but not as many of the kids.  This is from a few weeks ago, when both kids were on breathing treatments!  He was so good for the most part.  Just sat there trying to chew on the thing! :)

And here he is at Uncle Gerry's house a few weeks before Thanksgiving for Pawpaw's 78th birthday!
Such a sweet face. 
Oh!  And if you are ever in the Austin area, look my friend Jen Barnes Photography up!!!!  Look at this link of some pictures she took of my kids.  She's amazing!!  I will post more on Cara tomorrow :)

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Valerie said...

Your kiddos are beautiful Misty! I hope I get to see all of y'all on Saturday!

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