Friday, December 04, 2009


I'm trying to not be all "Houston-like" and get all excited about the snow, (because I lived in Ann Arbor for 2 winters, and I saw plenty of it), but there is just something about that little white stuff falling from the sky that makes me happy.  Eric had planned to work region band tonight and tomorrow, and my mom was going to watch the kids so I could get a long time tomorrow to sew and finish up many Christmas gifts.  However, we were getting worried about the weather and driving in it (well, someone was....not necessarily me) and so I took the kids earlier today to meet her friend who is going to watch them until she is early released from school in about 45 minutes!  I feel a little guilty and sad that I won't see them in the snow!!  How wrong is that?  I mean, I truly believe every mom should have some mini-personal retreats.  Time to be alone, dive into God's word, do some relaxing or enjoyable things (scrapbooking/sewing for me), and be childless for a few hours.  I don't feel like I demand that or even ask for it very often, and this is the last weekend it could happen until after the holidays, because we are so busy.  But, I still feel this pain that I won't get to play with my kids in the snow!!  Aynslee is still here for another hour or so, and she is getting excited about it, but it's not the same.  Eric gets to come home early, so maybe we'll pretend we're back around Christmas 2002 when we moved to Michigan and I was in snow for the first time.  It's really coming down now, and I'm 'hunkering down' to enjoy staying in! 

Praying for safety for all who are traveling, and hoping my kids enjoy this time with their Yaya!

Had to add some more pictures with even more snow...

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Colleen said...

awesome! We had a teeeeeny tiny snow flurry thing about half an hour ago, but I don't think we'll get much more than that. I'm jealous that you guys have snow! :)

The White Family said...

Darn! We missed it again. That's two rare snows in Houston, and we've missed both of them! Oh well, glad you're getting to enjoy it without me.

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