Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas pictures

So sorry I didn't post on Christmas day.  We are still staying home a lot, nursing day 8 of a fever.  For about 4 days now it seems like it's breaking and she feels wonderful all day, then about 5:30 or 6 hits, and she starts shivering and sits on the couch under some blankets.  Then, she gets hot again running a fever.  At least now it's more like 101 than 104!!  She's not eating much, has lost 2 pounds in 7 days (not that my girl didn't have 2 pounds to lose, she outweighs most of her friends by 5-10 pounds!  She's my solid girl!).  The kids are in bed now and I'm trying to organize after I write this post.  My mom got me a big new 'cropper hopper' that I'm going to organize all of our crafts/homeschool supplies/learning activities in (like flash cards, puzzles, matching games, etc.) (It was on sale for $25 on black Friday!) . I decided it's too small for all my fabric, and since I'm going to digi scrapping mostly, I'm going to be getting rid of a lot of my paper scrapbook supplies.  Praise God that everyone else has stayed healthy.  I'm glad it's 'just' a fever, but since it's been a week, I will put a call into the doctor tomorrow, and see if she wants to see us again.  I may just email her tonight.

(bailey and the scarf I knit her)

(Matt and Bailey and the girl booties---I'm willing them to have a girl!)
Ok, so we went down to Santa Fe on the 23rd to hang with my family and Pawpaw.  We spent the night and woke up on Christmas Eve and had a nice breakfast, and waited for Bailey, Matt and Shawna to get there, as well as Darrell's mom, Lillie. 
The only picture of me all day
We opened gifts and Cara got entirely too cranky and kept wanting more and more.

 We are seriously going to put a cap on the number of gifts for the kids next year (from others, we only give each child 3 on Christmas morning).  Her behavior (which carried over to Eric's parents house the next day) was completely unacceptable, and now our tiny house is too full.  We did have fun spending time with family.  We left after noon and headed home.

 The kids both conked out in the car and then we went to the Christmas eve service at church (side note: she had not run a fever all day, and sat with us far away from people in the balcony quietly the whole time.  I assume if we aren't sick, since she's not coughing or sneezing, no one from church got sick from our 40 minutes there). 

We came home and did our last advent pocket (which Cara doesn't understand why it's over, she keeps asking for it each night) and the kids opened up their matching Christmas Eve jammies.  They were so cute!

We had to WAIT for the kids to wake up after 8 on Christmas day.  Cara was running a fever and feeling overall bad, so this was her lovely face the first time she saw her bike.  Nice.

She did get over the crankiness and had fun with Daddy riding her bike later that morning. 

Micah really liked his tunnels, especially when sister would play with him.   He, as usual, was in a great mood.  We had our traditional Christmas morning breakfast, monkey bread, but somehow I messed it up a bit, it must have sat in the pan too long because the top was a little hard.  But oh it was still scrumptious. 

We layed around, played with our few toys, and then got ready to go to Eric's parents house for Christmas lunch.  We opened gifts there, and then had an amazing lunch! 

His mom really knows how to do broccoli rice and cheese right, and his dad makes a mean stuffing! :)  We had our happy birthday Jesus cake for dessert, which Cara helped me decorate on Christmas eve. 

Afterwards we let Micah nap and watched UP with his family.  It was a cute movie.  Then we played a few games, and Cara ended up taking a nap in her Daddy's lap, such a sweetie (guess what, she started running a fever again too!).  We went home and Eric and I cuddled and watched Transformers 2 on the couch after the kids went to bed.  Well, that was our Christmas!  Tomorrow my mom is coming up to spend the day and she's letting us go see a movie!  I think the Blind Side is what we will choose! :)  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

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