Saturday, December 19, 2009


I was so ready for this weekend.  We had one birthday party for a dance class friend that was at 11 today, but besides that (and church) we have absolutely NO plans this weekend, YAY~!  The kids even kinda slept in, it was wonderful!!  We did go out to 2nd Baptist Church in Katy this morning for their Kids Crazy Christmas (free!) program, and it was very entertaining!!  Thanks Hannah for putting that on Facebook, or I would have never even known about it.  Micah danced or stared the whole time!  Cara was funny, just sitting in each of our laps.  We asked her to sing or dance and she didn't want to, but when we got to the car, she said, "Thanks mommy, that was so much fun, I like the puppets" :)  She really liked the donkey puppet (probably her favorite part of the little people manger we have besides baby Jesus, for some reason), she kept asking if it was going to come back out, and boy I'm glad it did so I didn't lie! :)

We are enjoying this Christmas season so much.  Everything is purchased, wrapped and under the tree (which is nice for Mommy).  We are excited to be celebrating my upcoming niece or nephew (and finding out which it is on 12/28!!) and the fun times babies bring.  We are extremely excited that Micah is somewhat aware of what all is going on, he loves driving around and looking at Christmas lights.  We are so thankful our families live so close and we get to celebrate with them.  We are happy Cara has really taken to our advent countdown this year, she talks about doing her pocket each morning (and we don't do it until after dinner!).  Thank you Lord for coming to earth to save us all, and for the plan you had in place for this before time began!

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