Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Just as her brother did 2 years ago, Anna gave us the Christmas miracle of sleep!  She went down around 7 or so, after eating at 5:15.  She woke up at 8:15 pm and I fed her again, and slept until 5:15 am!!  Woo hoo :).  I just wish I had gone to bed before midnight!  And now I'm just up thinking about things and can't go to sleep. 

Well, we are mostly on the upside of almost having two Christmases in a row of sickness.  I'm definitely not complaining because we've been well all fall!  We started with runny nose (which if you have lung problems like Cara, that means you will have bronchitis almost every time) last Saturday.  Micah felt warm on Sunday morning, so we gave him Motrin and kept the big kids home from church.  They went to my mom's on Sunday afternoon for a 2 day visit.  We sent them with the inhalers, some bromfed (spelling), motrin, etc.  Mom had them and though they played hard the whole time and had a blast, when we got them back Tuesday evening they were coughing non stop.  So, we were headed to the doctor Wednesday morning.  Micah doesn't usually get bronchitis as fast and frequent as Cara, and I noticed he kept falling down a lot, so I figured he had ear infections.  He was the only one that had a (low grade) fever.  Sure enough, he has a double ear infection.  We caught before it was bad at all (she said they would have both been inflammed by that afternoon), so he's on meds to kick that to the curb.  Cara of course has bronchitis, and one ear that was a little red.  So now the hard part is keeping them 'away' from Anna as much as possible.  She has been fine, sounded like she was getting a little snot as she was going to bed last night, but she slept great, so that's a plus! 

We've had 3 doses of our antibiotics and everyone is feeling great.  Micah is cutting his 2 year molars, so he's overall cranky, but nothing a little tylenol can't fix. 

In other news, Eric, Anna and I got to go visit Bailey and Jack on Tuesday before we picked up the kids.  Eric hadn't seen Jack since he was 8 days old, when he was being transfered to Women's.  He's changed a little ;).  Jack had so much fun just staring at us both with our glasses and Eric's hat.  I am Aunt tickle monster, so I got him to laugh a bunch.  He's so rock hard abs, which is so different than my squishy baby!! :)  He had fun playing with Uncle Eric too.  We gave him his Christmas gift and he seemed oh so excited ;) hehe. 
Here we are, E taking the pic.
We can't wait for the day that Cara and Micah can meet Jack!!!!  They both know who he is from pictures.  Their Christmas card is hanging by our dinner table, and they always talk about Aunt Bailey, Uncle Mack (that's what they call him) and Baby Jack!  3 more months!! :)
Here are some more cute pictures from that day!
I was tickling him:
He and E were both a little mesmerized by the flash ;)
Aunt Bailey and Anna

I'm going to try to finish a couple more posts since I'm the only one up and I finally uploaded pictures the other day!
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