Friday, December 24, 2010

Eric's home!!

We are BEYOND blessed to have Daddy as a teacher!  It's long hours during the year, but the 2 weeks at Christmas and summers are great!  We've been making good use of our time since his last day a week ago.  Saturday we took the kids to 2nd Baptist's crazy kids fest.  Think puppets, contemporary songs, but words changed to be about Christmas (All the little angles, all the little angels (to the tune of Beyonce's all the single ladies), with a little elvis and zz top thrown in! :)  They were both MESMERIZED.  We got there 10 minutes late and had to sit in the back, but the kids had a great time!

The set (the girl in the middle, who was way cute, her name was Cara!) :)
Hands in mouth (as always), can't take his eyes off the show!
Cara and I

Anna, "Stop with the flash mom!"

After that we headed to down town old Katy because we saw advertised a winter festival complete with snow, and some vendors, from 10-6.  We didn't read the fine print because the snow wasn't scheduled to show up until 1 pm (explain to me how on a 75 degree day why they wouldn't want the snow in the morning before it gets so hot and all the little ones go down for naps!!).  So we walked around a bit.  They had this train built out of wood (I think Santa may have been there at 1 too--and sat on the train), so the kids played on that a bit.  We were there about 20 minutes tops, but they had a great time!

And here's one random picture of Micah trying on Cara's shoes....just because I can :)

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