Saturday, December 18, 2010

How things change in a year!

It's just crazy to me how God's hand is in our lives, the big stuff, the small stuff, all the stuff.  I NEVER thought I'd have the year I have had, yet I see God throughout it all.  He has increased friendships, and decreased some, and renewed some.  He has held us up when we needed it and broken down walls when we needed it.  Here are just a few things.

A year ago today, I remember the day because it was my college roomies birthday (Hi Jamie)........

I realized I should probably take a pregnancy test, and sure enough, little Miss Anna gave us a positive. 
Things were looking up with Mike's dad.  They told him if he keeps going as he was, he could live another 30 years. 
Bailey was pre-bed rest, pregnant with what we thought was only 1 child.
Eric's band was much smaller and he only had 1 assistant band director.
I had a great accountability partner and we were thinking of adding another.

In the last year, God's added a beautiful, sweet, a little high maintenance daughter to our household.  (Not sure yet if he's using that as a 'you're done') hehe.
God has taken away a sweet baby boy named Benjamin Ray after only 6 days of life.  But they were a sweet 6 days, and I know his mommy and daddy wouldn't have wanted it any other way!  God's plan is plan A every time!
He also added Mr. Jack Harrison.  One of sweet nephews, and He made my sister a Mom!  Via one of the hardest ways possible, and she and Matt have been a testament for Him! 
God took away the best dad to my hubby and his brother and sister (and me too).  I was only in Mike's life for 11 or so years, but I loved that man.
Eric's band grew so much, they added another assistant--what a blessing that has been in the paperwork department!
We are doing life with (many friends) but two specific couples and we couldn't be happier as both of them are about to welcome in 1-2 more kids EACH through a foster to adopt situation.
God has blessed us with heartache, yet He's been there through it all.  Pulling us closer to Him.  He's blessed me with great bible studies that dove me into His word more.  He's given me a closer relationship with my sister and mom and mother in law.  He has really had me start questioning my comfortableness in our lives, and wanting to reach out and really start serving Him and His priorities more.  The list could go on, but as we celebrate a year of knowing Anna was coming, I praise Him!  Through all the storms of life.  Here are some pictures we had taken Thursday of our biggest blessings!

And sweet Jack :)

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The Paradis Family said...

Thanks for sharing-what an encouragement to see how God has been working in your life! Your kids are just adorable and all of the pics turned out beautiful!! :-)

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