Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Waiting on the Lord

That's what I'm doing.  All day every day.  2 nights ago I had a great prayer time where I once again got over myself and had to give this pregnancy and timing back to Him.  The great thing about our awesome God, is that He already knew!  He (as well as everyone who is a friend on facebook) knows I'm done with being pregnant :).  I'm uncomfortable and H.O.T. and feel like I'm not parenting or feeding my children (or family) well.  Tot 2 Tot is getting closer, as our other milestones in our family's life and I wanted the baby to be a bit bigger.  I thought I'd have a 1-2 week old by now. 

So now, how long do I go?  I'm 39w5d now.  I'm due on Thursday.  Go to the doctor on Friday.  He's ok with me waiting, but I don't know for how long.  I told him about a month ago that if I got to August 31st, no one will want to be around me (at this point, I don't want to be around me), and he'll need to induce.  I want an August baby, not a September baby!  But, that's taking the control away from God.  I pray I don't last that long, but who knows God's timing but God?  So here I wait....

So, on Sunday, we all got ready for church and took a couple pictures.  I went first, because I hadn't taken an on purpose belly shot in quite some time.  And since I've never been this far along, thought it would be fun.  Now I'm regretting having these pictures forever, but since I'm insane and up in the middle of the night again, I'm even going to let them burn into your brain now! :)

Misty, 39 weeks, 3 days, front view:

Side View (not as pretty--avert your eyes!):
The baby is all in front, I don't know what is in my rear, but I dont' like it;)

So then we said, 'kids, get up there so we can take your picture' and Cara started doing this:

"Whatcha doing Cara?"  "Showing the baby in my tummy!" :)

Here are some silly shots of us with the kids.  None of them are great, but the kids are cute (and Eric shaved for the first time in like a month)!

Then I could brag on how proper my girl is, look, even ankles crossed...

Then Micah says "take my picture," so I do, and look what C is doing in the background!
Lovely :)

I am blessed with great kids, that's for sure.  And they love to play together, and do quite well most of the time!  Yesterday morning, we were all getting ready to go spend the morning at a friend's house (if I don't get out of the house occasionally, we all go insane) and I said, 'Cara, go read Micah some books while Mommy gets dressed.'
This is what I found :)
Ok, off to do some bible study and see if I can get back to sleep!

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Clint and Meredith said...

This made me laugh out loud this morning, especially the picture of Cara on the chair. I also was laughing at these sweet family pictures with the shredded curtain in the background. Dear friend, the good news is she will come. You will not be pregnant forever :) Oh, how I can't wait to hold Anna!

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