Sunday, April 14, 2013

Anna's cuteness strikes again

Sitting here on this Sunday morning not at church, again.  Last week I at least got to go for prayer team early to pray over our families at Bethel.  Last week Cara had gone to mom's for a few days and Micah and Anna both were coughing and had some drainage.  This weekend started Friday night with an up-a-lot-of-the-night Anna.  I thought an ear ache was coming on.  She was crying and crying, but never told me what was wrong.  She ended up cuddling in bed with me for the rest of the night, something I have RARELY done.  And it was so sweet, she is such a precious little cuddle-er :-).  Saturday started off fine enough.  Then we got to Cara's soccer game at 11:30, in the blazing sun with a nice cool breeze, and she fell asleep on me.  This has NEVER happened.  Maybe when she was a baby, but in the fun, loud, outside, she would never normally fall asleep.  She slept the whole game.  Then came, wasn't really hungry for lunch, and took a 3 hour nap and woke up with a fever.

She is so snuggly when she's sick.  Eric took the big two to a playground with a picnic dinner and I cuddled Anna all evening.  We gave her medicine at 7, with a bath and she seemed to perk up to her happy self and cool down.  Went right to bed.  But then at 10 when I checked her, she had a 104 fever under her arm.  She seemed to be breathing shallow and was so hot to the touch.  We tried to lukewarm bathe her but this time she wanted nothing to do with the water.  We called the doctor (only because at this point I was worried it was another UTI and we wanted to see if she thought we could wait until morning or if we needed to take her to the ER).  She thought we could wait until morning, but we needed to check on her a lot and try to get her to drink/eat.  We decided to take her in as she wasn't really eating or drinking.  I had cranberry juice watered down for her and she'd take a sip when I asked, but she's usually a pretty heavy water drinker and she wanted very little today.

We headed tot he ER around 10:30, and she was still burning up.  We went through triage, and her fever was down to 102.  We sat and waited.  She was so patient.  Talking to all the parents, watching the tv, just snuggling.  Then, she got hungry.  She ate the pretzels I had shoved in my bag, and drank her whole cup of juice.  She perked up, fever went considerably down and that's when I decided to go home before we saw the doctor.  Mother's intuition said we probably didn't need to go, but as she kept going potty without any pain, I knew the UTI was probably not the case.

So, now we are home, playing and reading books.  With our jammies and cowboy boots on, of course.  I have been so bad at recording things for Micah and Anna, so I wanted to hop on here and record some cute things she's been saying.

 We were reading a book the other day that had beads on the top.  She's got all her colors down, except for black and brown.  She calls them both Chocolate.  She's like her mommy ;).
A little of her obsession with "My Ponies"
Much like Cara had no concept of time at her age and said everything happened 'last night,' Anna has followed in big sister's footsteps and now says everything is happening tomorrow.  She's going to my mom's in a week or so and when she talks to my mom on the phone she says "I'm going to your house tomorrow!!" :)  It's quite cute.  Ok, there's a post so I have something recorded about my sweet 3rd born.

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