Friday, April 05, 2013

Part One -- October 2012

I was uploading for an October 2012 post, and I realized with pumpkin patch, Micah's birthday, Dewberry Farms, and Halloween, we had entirely too many pictures for one post ;).  So, I thought I'd break it up!  Here are some sites and sounds from us (now 6 months ago) :).  

We are doing a small science coop with 3 families.  We meet every other week to do the science experiments that go with our Apologia Science Exploring Creation with Astronomy.  This was one of our first weeks, learning about the sun and making a sun spot viewer.  The kids had fun.  

Then, Daddy took Cara on a Daddy/Daughter date to Chick-Fil-A.  She had a sweet time, she loves alone time with us. 
silly faces.
We also had 1st grade bible presentations at church.  Cara was so cute up on that big stage.  
Then, my best friend Trayce from Santa Fe, had a baby shower for sweet Sophia, due in December.  The girls and I picked up my mom and then drove down to Galveston.  
Emma, Cara and Julianne, Trayce's other 2 girls.
I went to a wreath-making workshop at my friend's house and I finally finished my Baylor wreath :).
When Anna was still in preschool during October, I got to take the big 2 to Dewberry Farms with our playgroup.  I hadn't attended in forever, and it was good to see old friends and spend the day playing with my bigs. 
The rolling slide.  Fun!

The big balloon jumper.
Bike Riding.

Sweet Siblings.
A few of the kids at the end of the day.
Cara the fireman.
Swinging the hammer.
Riding the train.
Micah on his birthday morning (he was still tired)!
Opening family gifts.
Legos, his new favorite.
Building his new car with Cara.
Another gift from Nana.
We went to the pumpkin patch at the local Methodist church.  My kids are obsessed with pumpkins during October.  We typically go numerous time during the month of October.
Anna, 2
Cara, 6.
Micah, 4
Micah was cold
Mommy and her kids
Daddy with the kiddos
Soccer!  The family came up to watch Micah play soccer on the day of his party.
It was chilly!
chasing the ball
Nana, Cara, Yaya, Micah and Papa
Next installment coming soon :)
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