Monday, April 15, 2013

October 2012 -- part two!

We had Micah's 4th birthday party, his Super Hero birthday party, at home after his soccer game that day.  
It was the first time I really used my Silhouette I have from 5 years ago.  I had fun making cute signs! 
 I grabbed a lot of ideas from pinterest.  This was a strength punching game. 
Some decor Eric made :) 
 Good thing we did batman and bat girl for halloween :).
 All the cousins!
 Aunt Misty with Jack and Anna
 This was fun, we turned the play room/school room into an agility course :)
 About to eat our cupcakes
 Micah got some great gifts from friends.

 He got 'Thor-ed out' from Nana.  He was so excited.
I have to thank my friend Amy Daniel, she saw I was doing a super hero party, and let me borrow a bunch of the decorations because her son had just had one!!  It was perfect!

 A few nights later we did our pumpkin carving for the year.  Eric had fun doing a great creative carving.

 This was just one of our normal evenings ;).
 One Sunday after church we went up to Splendora to say goodbye to Aunt Grace and Uncle Jim.  They were moving to Oklahoma.
 Nana and Anna

I think they're pretty cute.
Most of the family
My friend Jenny did some free photo sessions in the local pumpkin patch of my big two one day.  They love each other :).

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