Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My reader

Yesterday Cara started a new chapter book. She's reading the Piper Reed series now. We started by listening to a few on cd in the car and they were cute. At the library last week we found a few more books in the series so she got a few. She started another one and couldn't put it down last night. All three of our kids share a room and it works out great! The only thing I dislike is that Cara can't stay up reading. Every night she begs for more time. If she had her own room I'd let her. I bought curtains to make around her and Anna's bunk, I should do that!

Anyways, last night she asked for a book light, but we've done that before and it keeps the little 2 up. She said she was going to wake up early and read then. She typically gets up between 7 and 7:30. The rule is when you wake up, you make your bed and get dressed and stay in your room until 7:30. Now understand, I read to her everyday and she reads alone for 30 minutes every afternoon. So this am I'm up doing my quiet time and she comes out of he room at 6:30 fully dressed ready to read.

I couldn't turn her away so I let her go into the play room. And now she's quietly reading her new book :)

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