Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cara Leigh Newsome - 4 year flashback!

I'll do another post soon about her birthday party, it was a hit!  Just wanted to do a quick flashback about Cara. 

Cara Leigh,

You came into this world as our firstborn daughter 4 years ago today.  You changed our lives forever and we couldn't imagine how God would bless us through you. 

We were learning all this parenting stuff for the first time.  Some days were great,

some days were hard (still are!). 

You have grown and changed.  Here you are at your first birthday party:

You have always had your very own personality, though it is very similar to your moms!  You did get some of Daddy in you as well.  His compassion and caring.  You are so sweet to your friends (most of the time) and you have turned into such a polite little girl. 
Here's your 2nd birthday party picture:
and JC Penney Picture:
At 2 you finally got some hair and your curls started to really come in.  You got a little temper, but you also showed us how smart you are.  You knew all your numbers and letters and we just couldn't imagine loving another little baby as much as you!  You became a sister when you were 2 and were so sweet to your little brother Micah (most of the time)! 

By age three you loved being read to, and you especially enjoyed the Fancy Nancy books!!  So we had a a Fancy Nancy tea party last year:

You pretty much thought it was the best thing ever :). 
Here's your JCPenney flash back:

We just love those curls!  You had your first haircut at 3!  You also lost some very important people in your life this past year.  Your Mawmaw (my grandma), your cousin Ben, and your Grandad (Eric's dad).  You have suffered more loss at such a young age than we would have ever hoped for you.  But because of your knowledge of Jesus, you seem to cope very well with the thought of death.  You know if you believe in Jesus, that it leads to heaven and reunion with those we've lost.  You know you will get to rock with Mawmaw again, play with baby Ben and read and watch Cars with Grandad again, and for that we are very grateful.  You have such a sweet spirit!  This 3rd year, you learned you were going to be a big sister again, and this time to a girl!!  You were very excited, because "You've never had a baby sister before."  You liked the name Anna from the beginning and love sharing her bows ;). 

Cara, we love you more than our own lives.  You mean so much to us and we are blessed to be your parents.  God, Thank you for entrusting this blessing to us.  For that we praise and thank you every day of our life!

4th birthday party picture:

JCPenney pictures:

We love you sweet girl!

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