Saturday, December 06, 2008

6 weeks old and first bottle (warning--may be TMI!)

So my little man has been sleeping awesome. Not GOING to sleep awesome, but once he's down, awesome. I fed him around 11 last night and he slept till 6!! And because I was so super full and had already leaked out of one side, he got all he needed from that side. So when Cara woke up at 8, I was leaking out of the other side. I thought, well, my mom is going to give him his first bottle next Friday night (our NewGround Christmas party), maybe I should at least attempt it while I'm here with the boob just in case. So I pumped at 8 and got 5.5 ounces. He woke up around 8:30, and let. me. tell. you., I was meant to be the crazy nursing for a year mom that I am! I can't handle bottle feeding. Usually he eats on 1 side 5-10 mins, burps, eats on the other side, burps and we're done, maybe a little spit up. This bottle thing was crazy. About every half ounce he'd start choking or need to burp, and I could see all my liquid gold breast milk rolling down his chin and neck! He only took about 3.5 ounces, and I could tell he was frustrated. I used the same bottles that I (rarely) used with Cara. I made sure I had the newborn (size 1) nipple in them. I don't know. I know he didn't get what he wanted, because then he latched on for a few minutes and calmed down. I'm sure he didn't get much, but he sure liked it. But, in the hour since then, he's spit up about as much as he normally does in the morning, so who knows! Hopefully it goes ok for my mom, because since she's spending the night, we're hoping to sneak to a movie after the party :).

PS if you haven't checked my flickr site, I've uploaded lots of cute new videos.

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