Monday, December 29, 2008

Micah's 2 month stats

We had his 2 month appointment today, and he's growing like a weed!

13 pounds 3 ounces - 75%
24.5 inches long - 88%
16.5 inches head circumference - 85%

He had his 2 month shots, and took them like a champ. He cried for all of 5 seconds, and then he was in such a good mood all day!! We've been trying to get him to go to sleep unswaddled the past week while Eric's been home. He'll lay down for naps unswaddled, but doesn't sleep as long as he used to, and before tonight, would not go to sleep unswaddled for bed time. I'm not complaining, because being swaddled, he's been sleeping up to 10-11 hours without a feeding!! Tonight, however, we got home around 9 from my in-laws (they invited us over for dinner and Mamma Mia! (cute movie)), and he had nursed at 8:30 at their house. Eric changed him, got him ready for bed and laid him in his crib while we got Cara ready. He just laid in there talking and cooing. After we put her down, he seemed happy enough, so we left him in there, unswaddled, and vacuumed (we've been rearranging now that the tree is down and built ins are up, and every time we move a sofa, there are clumps of dog hair, no matter if I vacuumed 2 hours before!!!). He was still fine, so we cuddled on the couch to watch an episode of the Office season 4 (a christmas gift for me from eric's family) and he fell asleep all on his own. This is not a new feat, he's done it many times before, but it usually involves us going in and re-inserting the paci, or giving up and swaddling him. So far it's been about 2 hours and he's still going strong. I just pumped and am getting ready for bed. Hopefully tonight goes well. This is EXACTLY when Cara stopped being swaddled. She didn't take her 2 month shots nearly as well, and did not want ANYTHING touching her legs that night, so she just completely went cold turkey on the swaddle thing. Anyways, here's hoping ;). We're taking him to get his 2 month pictures taken tomorrow at JCPenney. Can't wait!!

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