Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Sorry I've taken a blog break recently. I've been enjoying all of our family time since Eric's last day last Friday for 2 weeks. He'll be super busy after the next semester starts back up since he will be short an assistant until he can hire a part-time one (long story, more details to come!).

The turkey is ready to put in the roaster at 7 am. The sweet potato crisp and broccoli, rice and cheese (2 dishes each, one for Wed, one for Thurs) are in the fridge waiting for tomorrow. The Happy Birthday Jesus cake is warm and making my house smell wonderful, and cookies have been delivered to our great neighbors! All I have to do tomorrow is enjoy my family (mom, darrell, bailey and matt are all coming) and make the green bean casserole and watch the turkey. I can't wait!! Cara is going to be so fun this Christmas!

Love to all!

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