Monday, December 01, 2008

Cara updates

So she is such a sweet little lady! She is a big time copier, so we have learned to only stay nice things (especially in the more "STUPID DRIVER!" :)). The girl LOVES to sing. EVERY thing! We've been singing with her, and 'dancing' before bedtime for months to our cute Christian CDs. Now she knows all the words. She's known a few songs here and there for awhile, but now it's like every song she sings along with. It is just too cute. She loves our puppies, and they are so good with her. She loves helping with baby Micah. She's such a good helper, I can ask her to go get something while I'm feeding him and she obeys like a big girl. She also likes to put his pacifier in for us.....sometimes however he doesn't want it and she doesn't understand it. He just isn't a paci boy like she was a paci girl! Ok, gotta run!

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