Thursday, December 11, 2008

I know, it's been awhile!

This has probably been my longest break since Micah was born with no blogging! It wasn't on purpose. It just got busy (CHRISTmas season tends to be that way sometimes). Last Friday night we had a rip roaring good time here with about 7 of my girlfriends. We call them 'Scrapbook Nights' and we invite all the girls from our ABF (to my house usually). In the beginning, we actually scrapbooked a LOT, now we tend to bring pictures, look at them for about 30 minutes, and then just talk/eat/hang out/fellowship/swap war stories for the next 4-5 hours! It was a blast, and probably what we all needed right before this busy season. I also got my Christmas cards made and ordered (to be delivered today), so I did get SOMETHING done! Saturday Eric had region band clinic/concert all day, so the kids and I went to Pearland to hang with my sister. She and her hubby had their annual Christmas party that night so we stayed for a little bit, then came home (through an hour and a half of the tollway being closed down due to a wreck traffic) and hit the hay. Sunday morning we went to church, and when the kids were sleeping Eric stayed home and 'let' me run a lot of errands that I needed to run (in and out of lots of stores--for returns, more on that later). It's funny how I used to live for nap time so I could nap. Now I live for nap time so I can go places ALONE and not have to haul two kids, one either in a basket or throwing a fit that she doesn't want to be in a basket, and one in a sling/moby wrap that I have to maneuver while trying to keep the 2 year old in the car long enough to not run out into traffic! :). Fun stuff. I must qualify this to say nap time when Eric is home...not when I'm home alone, just in case anyone was confused!! haha.
But my girl, she is a little copier right now. I think I've mentioned that a time or two. Her latest trend is babywearing! She sees me wearing Micah all the time (totally love the 'bonding' that it brings, but also love the hands-free-ness it lends itself to), so one day, she wanted me to tie a blanket around her. Then she wanted me to put her new purple cat (that she calls a bear) that she got from her sunday school teachers for Christmas in it, but not in the front 'like micah, in the back!" Of course Mommy obliged, and this is probably the first time I've gotten her to smile for a picture in 6 months!!

Also, Micah is smiling a LOT now! It is the most precious thing. I can't wait for him to smile AND be baby acne free!! It looks horrible in these pictures, but it is actually clearing up a lot now.

Also, Micah hit his 6 week growth spurt right on time, and man did the whole 'eating every 3 hours' take on a new meaning! For like 4 nights in a row, I was up a LOT. More than I remember being up when he was fresh home from the hospital! I know it's not true, but it's what God does to allow women to want to have more children. You forget the pain/sleepiness!! Ok, maybe not totally, but enough to be insane enough to want to do it again (and again, and again!) :). He has also decided that his *fussy* time is from 9pm - 12 am! He did this a few times a couple weeks ago. But last night, right on cue, he fussed straight for 3 hours. Once I finally fed him again at 12:15 (to truthfully shut him up suffice him again, since the 10:15 feeding didn't work) he slept through till 6:20! That was the first time in what felt like a week I got more than 2.5 hours sleep at one time. And it was nice! Although my boobs didn't like it after not getting a break for 4 days, but they got over it :).
Here is one more baby fix, my two little sweeties cuddling right before Cara's nap the other day. She L.O.V.E.S. it when I lay him down with her!! She is the best big sister.

I have more to post about Christmas gifts/returns/budgeting, but it will have to wait! More on that later.

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