Friday, May 08, 2009

Cara 'isms' and catch up

She's hilarious. Even when she's in trouble she's funny. Right now, she's very into the 'pretty dresses' my mom and I got her for new jammies. She's used to sleeping in long sleeves and pants sets, because we keep it cool in our house at night. However, now that she's older and waking up sweaty, we thought it time to get her some cute jammies. If you see my child around town with me wearing jammies, just know, yes I know, and yes she has shorts on under neath. Today we got dressed with shorts and a shirt. Around 5 minutes later, we were in the living room, and since I folded clothes last night while the kids were asleep, the clothes were still out here. She found one, and refused to leave her shirt on. So today she is wearing jammies, shorts, water shoes and her pink easter hat. Beautiful!! :)

I really need to start working on proper grammar with C. When she gets put in time out, afterwards, I always ask her why she got put in time out. And she always says, "For when I...." :) Micah is growing like a weed. Almost crawling. It's like he decided to sit up and do everything all at once!! He crawls backwards SUPER fast! I had to put the bumper pad back in his crib because his super chunky legs kept getting caught in between the crib rails!!

Just an update, we had an amazing day yesterday. And I think it was in part to me not being able to get the internet to work. I mean, today was crazy, 63 emails, but having a computer free day with my kids was awesome. Everyone slept well. During Micah's first (hour and a half) nap, Cara and I made 33 muffins and 10 waffles for breakfasts (most of them we froze). They were yummy. I will do another post with pictures of our baking day. The best part of our day was obeying God and getting up and starting the day with His word and in prayer. IT made all the difference. Well, I need to finish up so I can spend some time with Cara alone. Here's a picture of Eric's mom on her birthday on 4/28. Happy late (blog related wishing) birthday Nana!! That's my first homemade card in months! And her and Grandad's 32nd anniversary yesterday. It's great to have such amazing in-laws!! :)

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