Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lots of bloggy love, and my money makers!

So, I went to Randall's last night and they had the Kraft BBQ sauce for $.75 for the 18 ounce regular styles (and $.85 for the other styles). So I did what any normal person would do, I did a little giddy dance. As I was getting stuff for our cooking day, I had stopped by my friend Valerie's house and got her 2 printable coupons from and her one from the paper last Sunday. Somehow I had the paper coupon and 4 other printable ones (don't know how), so I could get 8 total. So I did 2 transactions to get the catalinas (which didn't print, so they just gave me $4 off my next transaction). It was awesome. I scanned 4 sauces, scanned 4 coupons and received $.47. Yep, you read that right, they paid me to take the BBQ sauces home. Then I did another transaction and got paid $.59 :). YEA! :)
And in another note...I just received my second blog award this morning! Well, technically, I forgot to post about my first award. You can see Valerie's post here with the first award she gave me. I'm sorry, I just didn't get to posting it!! I guess I'll do it now. Valerie is my sister's sweet friend that gives me too many awards that I cannot keep up with! :) haha. She's not helping my habit of not being online all day! ;) Love you girl, she is totally awesome, and her birthday was like a week ago so Happy Late Birthday!

So I've been tagged as a fellow Queen of all things Awe-summmm. The rules: List seven things that make me awe-summm and then pass the award on to seven other people who I think are fabulously awe-summm. Ok, this is going to be hard, and weird. I can tell you 7 things my daughter and son are awesome at, and my hubby. Or my neighbor...he's AWESOME at turning the sprinkler on REALLY HARD and pointing it at my daughter's window just so she'll wake up from her nap REALLY early and in a bad mood. Oh wait, that's not what this is about...

1. I'm awesome for not going next door when said daughter woke up and asking him to please turn down his sprinkler NOW. Because who was I kidding, she was up and wasn't going back to sleep. And we're friends...well acquaintances with these people and their nice, and his wife gives me all these free flowers all of a sudden and garden tips.

2. My husband and I are awesome because we met in the Baylor marching band. Can't get much more band nerd than that.

3. I'll say a Yee-Haw with Valerie in that I'm awesome because I'm Texan!! :)

4. I'm awesome, again with Val, because I can drive a stick shift. It was what I learned on and my first truck. That was an awesummmm truck. I got it at 250,000 miles and when we sold it when I went to baylor it had 285,000 and was still going!

5. I'm awesomely in love with my hubby. He's such a sweet guy. And not only do I love him, but I respect him. Do you see that sweetie...I wrote it for all the world to see. (Yes, he reads my blog to 'catch up' on the day to day things) :) ha!

6. I'm awesome because I make all my kids baby food. I love it, however, I realized this week all he had left unless I went to the store late last night (thus the run) was 1 pear and TONS of sweet potatoes! I didn't want him turning orange or anything, so I got some new fresh stuff :) (for cheap....Randall's has a $1 off coupon for strawberries on their says 2 or 4 pound pack, but as long as you buy more than one pack, you can use it) :)

7. I'm awesome because I think talking about coupons is something I'm awesome for. Yes, I know, NERD ;) Oh, and I'm awesome because my friends are awesome. They are fellow Christ Followers and I am loving the road we are following and raising our kids together! :)

Ok, I can't do the other blog thing Thanks again Val. Here are my 7 blogs ;) I'm going to do some NewGround friend loving, because I read their blogs as often as they read mine (or maybe more...yes, stalker...I know) :)
Celesta - way far off in the Netherlands, but I still 'feel' like she's close by. Miss you!
Erin--a college friend, and she just had a beautiful baby girl . I want another one of those!!
And last but not least, my sister Bailey. Only because maybe NOW she'll update her blog with new house pics! :)

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