Thursday, May 21, 2009

Still around

You know how you look forward to things....and yet it doesn't work out quite how you think? Eric's UIL was early this year, and I was so excited. I was thinking, things will calm down sooner in the year rather than later. I was wrong!! Swine flu hit, so he couldn't take his 7th & 8th graders on their trip. So now he's planning a last minute day trip here in Katy. Plus he took the 6th graders on their trip. Plus he finished up and had to hand out their last fundraiser. We won't even get into the drama it takes to get a check on time from Katy ISD. Now we're on night 3 of 5th grader instrument selection, 5-8 pm every night, usually not ending until close to 9. I went to my parents house on Tuesday after Cara's last day of preschool, and came home last night. My grandparents were in town and my mom took Wednesday off. So at least I was only doing it alone for today. Oh yeah, and did I mention Eric got a flat tire on his way home LATE last night. So I took it in today and of course it isn't I have to take his car tomorrow to get the new tire put on. I just wanted to let you know I read your comments and start to email you, then a child wakes up or I get busy doing something else!! I'm still around, still deal finding (for me and my friend Val as our next cooking day is Monday!!). Just not taking pictures and posting. Must Hang Up Clothes. Must Clean Kitchen. Must Wash Sheets. This has been how my past few days have gone. Oh, and Cara has decided to have not one but two accidents in her car seat. Yesterday on the 1 hour drive home from my parents....maybe a little understandable. But today, on the 8 minute drive to Eric's office?? Well, maybe it was a little longer because I was speeding (a little) and got pulled over!! (I got a warning, Praise God!). And she just sat on it and didn't even tell me, I noticed it when I got her out. At least I had her backpack in the car which always has a change of panties and shorts.

Wow, ok before this post gets any more random, I will quit. friend Jamie....check out this post on a couple reasons I cloth diaper. :)


Hattie said...

I found your blog a little while back. I'm from the Galveston area. Anyways don't worry the weekend is almost here things will get better!!! and power to ya with the clothe diaper thing, I don't think I have the patience to pull it off!!!!

Jen Barnes said...

I HEAR YA on the life of a band director's wife! AMEN to all that. David has 2 weeks of freshman stuff (8th graders going to be 9th graders next year) and won't get off until the END of June. Then he starts back at TBA before August even STARTS. And he's not even a head director... (though lots of honor band recording sessions going on right now.) Praise God, though, they did their 5th grade recruiting in the mornings! (They did have 3 nights with the parents though, so I guess that was actually more like 8 sessions of recruiting) Anyhow, yeah, totally hear ya. **nodding my head**

Sterling said...

Welcome to being a "single mom" (but not :o)! See you tonight!

Misty said...

girlfriend, i've been a 'single mom' on and off for 3 years. Oh, and did I mention besides Eric's flat tire on Wed night, that we woke up today, and he was gonna take my car, and I had a flat tire!! IT just keeps on coming!

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