Friday, May 08, 2009

Micah post :)

My favorite picture of Micah Man in the bluebonnets last month!

Can you tell it's naptime and Friday. Friday is my day to 'let loose' and just chill at home. Kids are asleep. I missed my 'internet' time yesterday, so I'm doing a few posts. I have taken so many pictures lately (which you can see on my flickr account here). Sign up to be one of my contacts if you want to see all my non-public pics (all THOUSANDS of them) :). Plus, I can't do 2 Cara posts and leave little man out.

We went to my mom's house this past Saturday and hung out. I tried to get a similar picture of Cara at 7 months, like this one:

Because Micah is sitting up so well now, and he LOVED looking out side at my parents house. Here are a couple of him:

I always say they look so much alike, but then when I compare, I think they are definitely different! They are siblings, but have very different features. I think they looked more alike when they were younger.

Ok, while at mom's look at this awesome picture I captured of his raised eyebrow!! It made us laugh!

He's so white, we always have to put a hat on him. Problem is, we have lots of little girl hats :) He looks good either way!

Here are my parents with Micah and Cara on "Papa's kart." He has a pimped out camo golf cart (that's SILENT) for the deer lease. He took Cara around the yard on it.

Here's a cute picture of him sitting up and that semi-smile he always seems to have on his face.

And here's the mischevious, yeah mom, I'm going to be crawling REAL soon, and your whole world will change pose.

And I think this picture is a big indication of how his childhood is gonna go...being dressed up by sister :)

And here is Cara 'feeding' him his water cup.

Papa was in town for a funeral yesterday and came to visit. Although there is no 'blood' relation, these two's baby pictures look oddly familiar!!! It's the ears ;)

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