Monday, May 04, 2009

Menu Plan Monday X 2

I've been trying to menu plan 2 weeks at a time. That way I go to the store less, and spend less. I'm REALLY trying to stretch my budget this month (only $80 per paycheck = $160 this month), but it's great because I have a freezer full of meals! Here is the semi-plan. It's rearrangeable as some things come up!! :) We also have lots of breakfasts in the freezer and some ham and swiss homemade hot pockets Eric takes for lunches when we don't have leftovers. I usually snack for lunch or have a sandwich on my homemade it!! All the things that say Freezer Meal were things Valerie and I made on our cooking day. You can click on the recipes from this link from

Monday - Hammy Cheese - freezer meal with frozen veggies

Tuesday - DATE NIGHT (we think...what better way to celebrate cindo de mayo than eat italian?)

Wednesday - Cheddar butter burgers - freezer meals with homemade buns and steamed brocolli

Thursday - baked potatoes stuffed with chicken, cheese, etc

Friday - Zesty BBQ chicken - freezer meal - with homemade buns and frozen veggies

Saturday - Orange Apricot pork chops - freezer meal with some veggie/salad

Sunday - Beef fajitas cooked by Eric - frezer meal

Monday - Pizza stuffed meatloaf - freezer meal

Tuesday - Chicken cordon bleu - freezer meal with carrots and peas

Wednesday - home made pizza. probably topped with chicken and broccoli or asparagus

Thursday - Spaghetti bake this is just random, some noodles, some browned beef, maybe some veggies, some spaghetti sauce, tossed in a casserole dish and, topped with mozz cheese and baked a little

Friday - sandwiches on homemade bread (it's guys night!)

Saturday - leftovers/use up the pantry night ;)

Sunday - beans / rice tortillas with corn and green beans

The most awesome thing about this 2 week menu plan is the only things I HAVE to buy this week at the store are:





and a few other fruits/veggies to puree for Micah. I have everthing else either on hand or in the freezer!! I love it. This is a part of my menu plan monday hosted by and $5Dinners!

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Michelle said...

Oh good for you shopping for 2 weeks.It all sounds so tasty.Have a great week.

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