Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's day to all the fabulous women in my life. First, to my mom who raised such a strong willed child. I know what you went through now mom, if only in the slightest, and thanks for not throwing me off a cliff ;) I'm happy to call you Mom and friend now. Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law who raised such a sweet man. I hope I do half as good a job as you did making my little man into a wonderful husband and father. Thanks to Mawmaw and all my grandparents and older women in my life. You have been mentors, story tellers, babysitters and overall encouragers. I'm so happy I was blessed with so much time with you in this life! To my great mom-friends, I'm SO thankful we get to travel this road called motherhood together. I learn every day from you, and I am so happy to call you friend. God has placed you in my life for a reason, and I am oh so happy He did. To my friends parents that I grew up with, thank you for being such a great part of my childhood and for teaching me when I turned to you instead of my parents. You were involved in my church, you loved me as your own, and I am so grateful for that. As I sit here with my bedroom door closed, it's my mother's day gift from my husband (yes, I want to spend time with my kids on mother's day, which I have, but I also want some alone time, which he's giving me), hearing my daughter throw a fit and my husband (after asking me what I 'did' with them when I wanted to go to the bathroom....) deal with her, I'm so thankful for the life I have on this earth. I wouldn't trade anything in it. I love you all!

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