Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cara gift ideas....

So, I've had some people ask about gifts for our little Miss. This is in no way a request, or an exhaustive list. Just some ideas for people who may not know what she is into right now.

She loves Fancy Nancy. She has a few of the books: The main original Pink one. Bonjour Butterfly. And the Posh Puppy. Explorer Extraordinaire. And the Boy from Paris. Sees Stars. Favorite Fancy Words From Accesories to Zany. She is also very into dress up, so anything for pretend play and dress up would be awesome. I've even seen Fancy Nancy dress up clothes at Target.

She LOVES to read. We can't just read one book before bed, it is ALWAYS 3, plus 3 bible stories. Yeah, it takes awhile, but who could turn this down, "Mommy, can we please read THREE books??" :) Anything is good. Christian is great.

We are starting our very own 'preschool homeschool' next year ;). My main goals are to help her learn to write her letters and start the phonics training for reading. We already have this book which we have done 1 lesson. Man, summers are just too busy :). She has been able to recognize all her letters and numbers since 2, but we just recently started working on phonics. We have really cut out TV, except now we are introducing Signing Times for Micah (and Cara STILL loves it). However, I have heard of this great DVD about letters....Val, or Mindy, help me out? I want it, will post name of it soon. Anyways, Mardel's gift cards are good, she LOVES that store. I'd like to get her bananagrams, and some writing books.

She loves shoes. Girl doesn't get it from me. Good thing our good friends give us all their hand me downs, which she LOVES. She wears them all the time. Anyways, she's a size 9 in shoes. In dresses she's 4T. Tops and shorts are 5T, pants are 4T.

And I forgot, she LOVES puzzles!! She has 2 alphabet puzzles, 1 numbers, her name, Micah's name, a bunny, some fruit, some animals, a Snow White. What she REALLY loved at preschool this year were these wood food that had velcro, and she could use a wood knife to 'cut' them. They are by Melissa and Doug, and are also sold at Mardels. Here, here, here and here are a few of them.

That's all I can think of. She has too much as it is. Our play room over floweth ;). Oh, and since our big guy is turning 3-0 on Saturday....he REALLY wants Guitar Hero world tour for wii.....he got some birthday money from my grandparents, so best buy gift cards are welcomed to help make up the difference ;)


Jen Barnes said...

We just bought the bananagrams. They're a bit too small to have out when Lowell is around and James only thought they were "fun" for about 2 minutes, tops. I think there might be some better letter manipulatives out there for smaller kids. We're putting the bananagrams away until the boys are much bigger.

Also, check out this book series for handwriting prep. Be sure to teach her the correct way to form the letters. I hear some 1st grade teachers get their shorts all in a twist if the letters aren't formed the "right" way.

And from what I've read for homeschooling, there is no. rush. for any of it. That's going to be my biggest struggle in homeschooling my boys. Not to rush into things.

Valerie Pearson said...

letter movie is "letter factory"

thanks for the hints...i was stumped!

Jen Barnes said...

Oh! The other thing that helps James with his phonics (he's reading 4 letter words now on his own! wheee!) is this page on ... LOTS of great stuff there.

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