Monday, June 29, 2009

One more giveaway post

So, I will post one night....but oh my gosh, I've spent the past 2 nights looking at all the fun things I need to learn how to sew. My search begins tomorrow. Mom, Bailey or Mom in law....if you are reading this...birthday is coming soon....Joanns Gift Cards are calling to you!!! Or Hobby Lobby or Michaels!! ;)

Ok, back to the giveaway...if you were around from the time Cara learned to walk until after her 2nd birthday, you know that she lived in Robeez. I loved them, and my pediatrician says its better for little feet to learn to walk and develop in no shoes or soft soles. I did not however love the price, but since I probably bought one of her 7 or 8 pairs (thanks grandparents!!), I didn't mind. Searching around on Keeper of the Home, a blog I've started reading, she's found a similar company who makes them, for only $14.99 a pair!! Bugaloo!! I love them, they are super cute. I like the Jack (no reference to yours Val!...haha, although I do like him!). Anyways, she's giving away a pair on her blog, so I might as well enter! Click here to leave a comment and enter her drawing.


Jen Barnes said...

Ooo, do share links! I'm always looking for fun things to sew, especially if they're small projects.

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Thanks for sharing. Every time I pull up your blog your picture just makes me smile. What a beautiful picture and family. You are blessed~
Have a great day!

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