Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday my Love!!

Today my most handsome husband turns 30!! (and a good friend of mine, Happy Birthday Erin!)
I'm super busy trying to clean before some family friends come over for a little get together (well as busy as can be trying to type this really fast!!). I can't believe when I met Eric 11 years ago that our life would turn out this way! That WE would have our life....together. God is so good that way. I am blessed with a loving husband.
We have SO MUCH fun together. As quiet as he may be in public, he is so funny and talkative at home. He is a great teacher; has taught me so much patience. He's an excellent musician, and really enjoys his family, playing wii, poker, golf when he can, and spending time with great friends. He doesn't have lots and lots of close friends, he has just a close few that he really can talk to about anything, I'm glad I get to be the closest.
I'm so glad God gave him those gorgeous blue eyes, because now our beautiful son has them. He is such a doting Daddy. Is patient when I'm not. Is loving, kind, gentle, a teacher, loves to help Cara learn her verses, loves to cuddle. When Cara asks something so sweet, I just see it melt his heart.
So today, June 13th, I wish you Happy 30th Birthday my love!! I'm so happy God allowed me to find you!

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Beaver said...

Thanks, Misty! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

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