Saturday, June 13, 2009

So much to blog, so little time

So, I'm limiting myself to 1 hour tonight online. I've been on for I think 45 we'll see how far I get on this post, then it's off for the night. I've been asked why I stopped blogging about life stuff (MERE!) :). I didn't mean to, it's just been busy. I have taken pictures of things meaning to this little gem of all the freebies and coupons and samples I got in ONE day in the mail:

Free Chocolate..mmmmm... (or as Cara would say, "Schlocate") :), but I just never get around to posting.
We've been 'helping' Daddy a lot at his school and playing a LOT in the playroom...
Maybe a little too much..... (No Micah Man was hurt in the taking of this picture:)

This was me entertaining 3 kids in the playroom one fine Astros game night for my friend Mindy and her family. Jonas, Cara and Micah all played great together, and all went to sleep great! :)

We attended my cousin TJ's wedding in Beaumont. I did not get one SINGLE picture of the bride and groom....but that's because I thought it would put my redneck-ness over the top by asking them to take a picture with my camera that I had to use a TOOTHPICK to take the shot. But I did get some decent shots of family (just not MY Family together). Here's my super cute sister and brother in law. Maybe if she reads this she'll FINALLY UPDATE HER BLOG! :)

And my grandparents and cousin Julie and hubby Doug. My grandparents will have been married 59 years this December!!
Here's my cute son before the ceremony. This was right after he woke up. And right before the preacher started and Micah started fussing and I had to get up and miss the whole ceremony, fun times.
And here's Cara asleep on Daddy's arm before the ceremony, right before she woke up fussing mid ceremony and Eric had to also leave and miss it. And yes, Eric's arm WAS hurt in the filming of this shot, have you tried picking Cara up?? Much less holding her like this for 30 minutes?? :)
Here is TJ and my Aunt Gail dancing. Gotta love mother and son dances, especially when neither of them really knew how or wanted to dance, :)

Papa and Cara dancing the night away. You couldn't stop her on that dance floor. The only problem was, she wanted you to hold her to dance. Have I mentioned she weighs 39 pounds?!!??!?

Here's a cute picture of Micah man. Nothing special, just hanging out in Mommy's bed after Daddy got the part and FIXED my redneck camera. I've taken entirely too many pictures since then. Just because I can and not use a toothpick for the first time in oh 3 months!! :)

As I mentioned Cara is way into dress up. This is her halloween poodle skirt from last year. And some pom poms. As I've mentioned to my friend Val (who is a recovering cheerleader...haha, j/k), she's gonna be a cheerleader and I feel like I can't stop it. Where did THAT come from, certainly not me!! :) I got the cutest video of her singing what she calls the "Holy Pokey." It's on a Veggie Tales CD my mom got her that says her name throughout it. She danced around the whole song....maybe one day I'll get the video online too.

Overall, we've just been spending LOTS of family time together. It seems like the kids eat, sleep, bathe and well, poop together!! :) It's like as soon as I change a poopy Micah diaper, Cara is running to the potty to go! ha. Must be all that fiber they eat...ok, off topic. Here they are playing in the bath as they do most nights. Thanks Mere for letting us borrow that bath chair, Micah loves it, and Cara loves him bathing with her so that she can, "squirt the star fish in his belly button." She has a star fish toy that, you guessed it, squirts water, and she gets it really close and squirts it in his belly button. And his arm pit. And his eye. NO HONEY, faces are off limit! :)

My cuties!! We were cleaning up the back yard yesterday for Daddy's party today (and Cara's next weekend) and she wanted Micah Man to ride with her, she is such a good big sister. Riding and holding him ;), and smiling for the camera!

That's all folks. Just a little silliness from Cara today (glasses she got from her friend Mason's party :)

Oh, I forgot to mention, Cara is staying at my parents house for 4 days and 3 nights!! We are working VBS this week (which means like 5 hours at church tomorrow getting everything all finished--decorating, organizing, etc), and mom has some friends who have kids Cara's age that are having a summer 'playgroup' and mom wanted to take Cara on Tuesday morning. She's been talking about having a Camp Kearley when the kids are older, so this is the first run :). She took Cara home today after Eric's party, and she's bringing her back Tuesday after nap time!! I miss her already, but WOW how quiet is my house. The longest she's ever been away from me was 1 night when she was 13 months old, stayed at my moms when we went to Galveston for our anniversary. And 2 nights in November 2007 when we went to BU homecoming. That's over a year and a half ago since she stayed the night away from us!! We'll see how she (we) do :). Please pray over our Kingsland VBS, we have I think 1500 kids registered, what an awesome outreach for Jesus. Eric and I are co-teaching an entering 2nd grade class!!

Oh and note to self, after doing hours and hours of yard work the day before a party is to be thrown at your house, and picking up and doing the dishes and being exhausted, don't leave the vacuuming for the morning of the party. That starts at 11:30. When the power goes off at 9 am for 75 minutes!! Cooking and cleaning and sweating and getting dressed and nursing baby and being overall UGH for the hour leading up to hubby's 30th bash isn't so fun. Just finish the cleaning the night before when you a) know for sure you have power and b) child #2 is still asleep. Because in my house, you just never know when he'll wake up at 10:40 and continue to fuss until 1 am even though he's been changed, fed, medicated, etc!!! Oh the joys of teething.

And if you were wondering, this took just a smidge longer than 15 minutes....and I have one more exciting post to share....stay tuned!! :)

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Beaver said...

Great update! Thanks for all the pics. Your little ones are growing so fast!

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