Monday, June 01, 2009

Sweet Jesus, God is SOO good!

We have a baby!! :) I don't have an official picture yet, but one is forth coming. I am again waiting until I get the ok for all the info, but I got an affirmative that our prayers have been answered! Our friends have adopted a sweet 5 pound 12 ounce baby girl. I SOOO wish I could be up near Dallas when they get home to a houseful (I'm sure) of all their family and friends. We have plans to visit in 3 weeks, and it CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH. Oh goodness gracious, my heart is so happy right now. And my 2 littles are sleeping!! :) No one to cuddle and praise Jesus with right now.
Have I mentioned how good the room switching has gone. It's like they sleep BETTER together! Ok, last night M was up for an hour on and off, but Cara was really good about it, just laid there. Slept through the first 30 minutes or so. Here are some pictures of the play room and their combined room:
That chest is a Lane chest my grandparents got at a garage sale. Currently it houses all the dress up clothes. This nook also has the easle/chalk board and bookshelf/puzzle holder :). Oh, and the mirror Cara CANNOT.TAKE.HER.EYES.OFF.OF! :)
This is the big window to the front of the house, the shot from the door you walk into the room. I know, vacuumed and clean...just for the pictures ;)
This is the right corner. The bookshelf Eric built last summer, the kitchen, and some of the big toys. Those bins are organized...for now :)

Onto the bedroom. Here's Micah's half. Yes, the room has green and pink curtains. They were my first sewing project in this house, and they have blackout fabric on the back. Pain to change. But probably will in a couple of years :)

Cara's side of the room. She normally has a very cute pink with brown comforter on the bed (and Micah has a matching one for when he gets in a twin that is brown and blue), but she spilled something on it, so it's in the dryer. So the bed isn't made either..and those are our 'back up' sheets :)

Jesus--Thank you for answering our prayers with a resounding YES! We are SOO happy you chose to make our friends parents. Help us to lift them up, encourage them, be their friends and resources, and just love on them in this new change in their life!! Amen!

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