Friday, September 03, 2010

This Girl.....

Loves her family!

Loves to dance!

Loves her new school!

Loves to laugh, and loves her Micah Man!

Loves her sweet sister!

Cara has always been a pretty good helper, but I cannot brag on her enough these past 9 days.  There have been VERY few meltdowns (a couple of fits that were uncalled for), she has transitioned to being the oldest of 3 so well!  We have been spending some extra cuddle time together during nap time each day.  Either just cuddling or doing 'school books,' which she loves to do.  She absolutely is SO good with Anna, and with Micah!!  She's a leader and a will be a great mommy some day.  She is polite, even more so lately, and likes to help teach.  She gathers shoes and puts them under their bed.  She picks Micah's shoes out and helps him put them on when we need to go somewhere fast.  She gets me diapers, burp rags, the boppy, you name it!  She always wants to help me wash the dishes, or clean the table.  She is so excited for this school year, and learning and playing in her new class.  We're putting her in Awana's at 2nd Baptist on Sunday evenings starting 9/12, and we are so excited to help her learn even more bible verses.  She is exactly the first born God had planned for us, and we thank Him each day for her life! 

We love you Cara bell!

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Tony and Sarah said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Misty. I LOVE reading new blogs so thanks for sharing yours on FB too. Cara's curls are precious and so is her nickname. Your family is beautiful!

Tiffany said...

She is too sweet! Austin is always talking about her... I hope they are still in the same class on Sundays! I was so sad last week because we took him in and he didn't know anyone.

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