Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Micah Man and his big day! :)

Well, it wasn't that big of a day, and it would have probably been an even bigger day if Anna had held off making her appearance, but I don't think Mommy would have liked that very much :).  Friday marked Micah's first day of being the oldest almost all day while Cara was at school!  Once we dropped her off (and sat through 'parent orientation' where they basically read the handbook to you--thank the Lord I asked a friend and brought snacks for Micah!), we went to run some errands.  Went to the dollar tree to get a few things, went to the outpatient lab at the hospital to get Anna's 2nd newborn screening done, then off to Chuck E. Cheese for a friend's birthday party.  I knew Anna would be in the sling, so I let Micah just walk and hold my hand.  He did great!  I put him in the cart at the store, and he liked that (he got to sit in the back where Cara usually sits), and mommy liked it because it was about 46 pounds lighter :).  He did great holding my hand and walking across the giNORmous parking lot at the hospital, not twice, but FOUR times because once we got in and settled, I realized I left the sheet of paper I needed in the car!  He did good and just sat next to me while Anna got her heal pricked.  And he played in the car while I nursed her before we left to go to Chuck E. Cheese!  He's such a sweet, big boy! 

Once there, we played games for awhile, and he was happy to play any games with buttons or balls!  Or to just sit and pretend to steer the big car games.  :)  After awhile it was time for pizza.  He watched the motorized Chuck E. from afar, and didn't get to close.  Then the real one came out.  He stayed back, but slowly got the courage to get a little close.  I love this picture, with his little hands behind his back :). 

Waiting for instructions ;).  At the end of the song, she threw a bunch of tickets up in the air, and the kids were supposed to gather them up.  Micah, after being scared for a minute, finally got 2 and went to give them back to Chuck E.  He thoughe he was supposed to CLEAN them up! :) 

Then he decided Chuck E. needed a hug :)

I think my sweet little man is going to enjoy his time with just me and little sister :).  He'll get his own time to talk and have some mommy alone time when Anna naps, and I will just eat every second of it up!! :)
One more picture, he woke up early from nap on Saturday and got to watch some college football with daddy and Anna :)

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Julie P. said...

awww, those are adorable pictures of Micah! He is such a sweet big brother!

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