Monday, September 06, 2010

Cara's first day of school

She walked right in and got to work. 
She put her backpack where her name was, got out her teddy bear that they told her to bring, and put her red folder where it goes.  Then she went to the table to look at stuff. 
 I asked a few questions, gave her a kiss, and we were on our way!  She is going to love school.  She and I are very similar, and I loved school, I loved my friends, learning, everything!  The only thing we differ on is that she loves to color, and I always hated it :). 

We went through carpool to pick her up in the afternoon (morning carpool starts this Friday) and she was sad when she got in the car.  I asked her and the teacher that buckles her in what was wrong and Ms. Barbara (the assistant teacher in her room) said, "She doesn't want to leave school, that makes me happy." :).  Haha. 

I asked her how her day was and she told me all about it.  She got to go outside "twice times" to play.  She had teddy grahams for her snack, and she ate ALL her lunch (sandwich, cantaloupe, yogurt, etc) like I told her to before she opened her little cookies I sent with her.  She made a new friend named Abby and she likes Palmer too, he was nice. 

Everyone liked her bear.  They talked about things that are the same and things that are different and she (correctly!) told her teacher that she had curly 'light' hair and I had 'black' straight hair and so they were different :).  She said they worked on letters a bit and counting.  Her teacher and assistant are so nice, I just know they're going to have a great year! 

Micah got stuck in the stroller and was looking in the room going, "Mommy, I come play??" :)  Poor boy....but play we did, that's the next post!

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Craig-Jen said...

haha. I used to cry when Christmas and summer breaks came because I missed school. I remember crying when Christmas came! That's too funny!

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