Wednesday, September 01, 2010

1 week Groove

Anna Marie is one week old today.  I need to keep typing and saying her name because usually when I'm holding her she's called Micah (more often than anything), Cara, baby or baby girl.  She's the sweetest thing ever.  Such a good baby.  I'm not saying that to brag, I'm just in utter love with this little being.  And I love how small she is. I want her to forever be this small.  I've always loved the baby/newborn stage, but this is getting ridiculous.  It's getting more and more with each kid.  I told my mom that and she said, 'if you don't stop thinking that, you'll never be done!' :).  She's on a great routine.  Eat, awake, asleep.  We aren't super structured (sometimes I just can't get her to wake up after she eats, and thus she sleeps!).  Daddy is the ultimate waker upper, however tonight after he got home, even he couldn't get her to have awake time.  We've learned, just lay her down and in an hour she will be the happiest, awake, content baby ever!  She's doing great at night.  Besides night #2 at home (we try not to remember that night), she's been going down around 7, or right around when we lay the big kids down, and she'll wake a few times each night.  Usually eat on one side, change diaper, eat on the other, and then back down!  We know how blessed we are! 

She had her first doctor's appointment on Monday and was back up to 8 pounds even.  I had noticed on Saturday that she started to look a little yellow.  Besides that, everything checked out perfectly!  We went and had her bili levels checked, and though they were elevated, not enough to need light therapy.  So we were instructed to spend some time each day by the windows and nurse frequently and watch her output.  She only went once on Monday, and I was getting worried by Tuesday afternoon.  However, within an hour of emailing the doctor, she proved me wrong!   And she's proved me wrong ALL DAY today! :)  We're happy though! 

Oh, and I'm having some issues of my own (we don't need to discuss them here), however I was at the doctor yesterday and had to get weighed.  I'm down to 2.5 pounds left before I reach pre-Anna pregnancy weight!  I told you my placenta was huge ;).  That doesn't mean I have a lot more to go to get healthy, but it's nice that the baby weight has come off quickly!

The rest of this post is mostly pictures, from the last ones I posted a few days ago through today (so all the way back to day #2 in the hospital).

Today we were hanging in the big kids room reading books waiting for Daddy to get home.  There's a big window there, and Cara let me borrow her pillow pet to lay Anna on by the pillow. Isn't she just the sweetest thing??

Utter relaxation!

As a family, we are in a good groove.  The kids are going down easier at night (I guess the new has worn off from moving them in the same room).  They are going down great at naptime in the same room now and Anna usually gives me a little time each day napping while they are.  Good thing because Tot 2 Tot is under 3 weeks away and we've been super busy!!  Eric went back to work yesterday afternoon (half day) and now is full time.  It's funny because I was MUCH more worried about being alone the first time after Micah was born.  Yesterday when he left, I was completely calm!  Bath time (every other night) is a little more hectic.  It used to be that Eric bathes them and I wait for one to get done then get that one ready (I was pregnant so I usually just vegged on the couch while he bathed them).  Now, I'm usually dealing with Anna as he's bathing them, so they get to splash around a little more, and be naked a little more, which is currently Micah's favorite thing to talk about.  It's his new word I guess.  If he sees a baby in a diaper he says 'Baby Naked!!" (like on a wipes container).  He sees Cara's undressed barbies, it's either "Barbie naked," OR "take panties off!"  Where does he get this? :) 
I've also started showering at night once all the kids are in bed.  What a difference it makes!  My hair may not look the best in the morning, but not having to get up before the kids and shower (or choose not to!) is so nice.  :)
Here's my little ham after baths last night:

Anna's first 'bath' picture:
You can see the other kids here

here are some sibling shots from the past few days:

This girl is in total love with the little baby that is in our home now.  She talks to her ALL the time!

And Micah is very gentle with her.  I think it helps that he gets to watch Cara with her.  She is such a little Mommy!
Last Friday when we came home from the hospital, it was Greg's birthday (eric's brother), so they all came over for dinner and cake.  Here is Nana, Cara and Anna cuddling:
Bittersweet.  We all wish she could have met her Grandad!!

Uncle Greg

On the car ride leaving the hospital.  We went straight to get sister's hair cut, so Cara was there and Micah was home napping with Yaya.

Waiting for Eric to pull the car around.

Us waiting for discharge papers:

Papa and his birthday present.

Yaya holding Anna and on her (yaya's) birthday!

Sweet girl

I just love these next few pictures of all my babies!

First time he got to hold her.  He didn't want to give her up.  Cara was begging for a turn and Micah said MINE and grabbed on tight! :)


The other night before bed:

Ok that's it.  Goodnight!
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