Thursday, September 09, 2010

Mom of the Year

I get lots of comments about how do you get it all done, blah blah blah ;-).  I thought I'd post about my day yesterday so everyone knew how it really is in the Newsome household!  The day started off fine.  Dropped Cara off at preschool (she was ready to go about 90 minutes before we needed to leave), and went to run errands with the 2 littles in the car. Micah got tired of that quickly, but he (we) persevered.  Didn't go home from 9 (drop off) until 10:30 (Anna's 2 week visit).  Even bought some stamps on the way home.  However, every time I went to put the kids in the car, Micah would either climb into the driver's seat to play, or sit on the seat between his and Cara's chair.  It was a fight every time to get him in his actual car seat.  He's decided whenever Cara is at school, he doesn't have to mind anymore.  Lovely. 

Got home around 11, had a quick lunch, and got Micah in bed and ASLEEP by 11:40.  I felt like superwoman.  Anna even slept a little, and after returning some emails and doing some T2T, I even got about 20 minutes of a nap before Anna needed to eat again!  I got Micah out of bed at 2:15 to go pick up Cara.

Here's where things go downhill.  I pick her up and she starts her fake whining/crying as soon as she steps in the car.  "What's wrong Cara?" I ask.  "I want to stay at school, I don't WANT to go home!"  Awesome.  I feel loved.  Did I mention this was the day Eric has band parent meeting at school and he won't be home until after 9 or so.  The afternoon is starting off great!  We headed to JCPenney to pick up Anna's newborn shots.  I knew they were closed from 2-3 (pickup is 3-6), so we were taking our time.  Stopped at chick-fil-a and splurged on a milkshake for us to all share.  Kids loved that (well, the idea of that).  Until Micah cried the whole way to JCP because I wouldn't give him the milkshake.  Not that I didn't want to, but he and Cara are in the far back and I can't reach them.  Though I've practically perfected throwing his sippy or shoes to him and him catching them (at stop signs and red lights only!), I didn't think throwing a cup with a lid/straw was a good idea.  We finally get everyone in strollers/out of the car and the next 15 minutes is either Cara or Micah crying/throwing a fit whenever it's not their turn for a sip of the milkshake.  I ended up taking it away from them and finishing it off myself.  Mommy needs a little sanity.

So we look in the clothes department for a minute (the kids section).  Saw too many cute things for matching girls and made myself leave.  We get to the photo department (we go there often) and my kids automatically run to the tv and go to turn it on.  Did I mention the lights were off, we were right at 3, but they were still gone.  I told them no, this is not our house, we don't just run and turn the tv on.  Fun.  Anna starts fussing at this point, and all of a sudden the kids remember the milkshake again.  Anyways, the lady gets there, I'm bummed because our family shot is out of focus and Anna basically looks orange (we went when she was 5 days old and she was jaundiced....DOH!).  She does give me coupons for free sheets next time.  Highlight of my day.

We go to the car.  I pop Anna in first.  Micah goes straight to the driver's side and starts pushing buttons.  I think in my head, oh, he's SO gonna lock the doors, but then I have to wrestle him into his car seat and deal with Cara so I forget.  I am pretty sure I had started the car.  The keys were in the ignition.  The second I shut the door to walk to the other side I knew I did it.  I locked 3 kids and the keys in the car.  Praise God I had my cell phone in my pocket and we were right near Eric's school (and it was after school time and he was available to come)!!  I called him immediately, told him to hurry and explained the situation.  Cara is buckled and can't undo the bottom part of her buckle (though I tried to talk her through it many times through the window).  She was getting upset and I told her everything was fine, and she was ok as long as I was smiling.  She really wanted to get out of her seat and help but she couldn't.  Micah was fine.  Anna was good until the last minute or so when she started crying.  I call Eric in frustration, he's down at I-10 and Mason, headed home.  Yeah honey, did you miss the part where we're at JCP?  Oh well, he got there and all was good.  The only thing was that at some point my car turned off, so my little sweat monkey, Micah, was already getting crazy hot. 

So, now we need to rush home so I can feed Anna.  We get on the road and I stop at a red light and Micah wants his cup.  What do I do?  I toss it to him, like we've gotten so good at doing.  Only this time I tossed a little high/hard and plopped it right on his forehead.  Bruise already starting and he looks at my like he can't believe I just did that.  I'm saying I'm sorry honey and blowing kisses.  He's having none of it for awhile.  He gets over it, we get home, and the evening carries on about the same.  So there you go, we have definite off days in the Newsome home.  Oh, and I'm ALWAYS making sure the doors are unlocked or a door is open  now! :)  And here's a picture for those that made it this far:

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