Friday, September 24, 2010

Update--the answer!

Update, most of you guessed right, the picture at the bottom is CARA! :)

I feel awful!  I haven't been posting anything about Anna's growth or super cuteness lately because of the busy-ness (unless you are my friend on facebook, I post pictures there much more often).  Tot2tot was a raging sucess despite the LONG hours and crazy double-booking of our space!  Ok, so here's what I can remember from the past few weeks.  She was 9 pounds at her 2 week visit.  After the super long hours of tot2tot, which she had to be with me for feeding purposes (Cara and Micah were at my mom's--where else can you have chocolate cake for dinner??, THANKS YAYA!), she had a heat rash (that cleared up with a good bath Saturday night) and I could tell she wasn't feeling well. 

best dinner ever!
Plus Micah had a runny nose the week before and of course as hard as I tried, I couldn't keep him from touching her.  So, Monday morning we headed to the doctor. She had not run a fever, but I could tell she was starting to get congested.  Her lungs were clear, and all was good, nothing prescribed, just saline/nose sucker/cool mist humidifer.  She's already feeling better.  So this past Monday, at almost 4 weeks, she was 9 pounds 11 ounces.  

Random bath time picture from 9/14

 We go next Monday for her 1 month visit.  She's been doing well.  Besides the week leading up to Tot2Tot, and that weekend (which seems like forever ago, but was in actuality only 6 days ago), where she didn't want to sleep more than a 90 minute - 2 hour stretch, she's doing much better.  We've gotten back on our routine, and the past 2 nights she's slept over 5 hour stretches!  Of course I didn't.  Why do I stay up too late?  She usually eats around 6:30 or 7, then again between 9 and 10.  The past 2 nights she went from 9:30 - 2: 30, almost 3 without eating!  That would have been awesome for me if I had gone to bed, but alas, I was up until 11!

Total bowhead! :)  mommy's a little obsessed :)

Cara has adjusted to preschool 3 days a week (and no naps those days) very well!  She loves her teacher and all her new friends from class.  She loves the routine of it, going outside to play, telling me what all she learned, and practicing writing her name and letter/number of the week.  This week was pet/vet week and Mommy even took Gweny and Anna to visit all the kids. 

Anna stayed in the sling for the most part and was so content.  For show and tell today, she took this picture of her and her puppies:

(by the way, happy late birthday (9/12) Gweny and Riley!  Gweny is now 10 and Riley is 6!!)

Micah has been great as well.  He is getting over the cold he had.  Today Eric stayed home sick from work.  Poor guy was laid up in bed all day nauseus.  I kinda think God does that occasionally so men know what pregnancy feels like ;).  Anyways, so while Anna was sleeping, Eric stayed with her and Micah and I had a mini-date.  He ran an errand with me to get stamps, then we went and picked up a lunch for just us 2.  He loved it.  He very rarely gets alone time with just me (since Anna is always needing me!), so he reveled in it.  He is SUCH a sweet boy.  He occasionally (especially when around other little boys) gets a little aggressive with some hitting, but we are thankful it is not very often.  He is definitely getting his own personality though, now that sister is away at school.  I'm not sure I'm totally in love with it (j/k), but he is still my sweet, cuddly, momma's boy, which I do love!!  Here are some pictures from the past couple weeks, and you can always go to my flickr page and see them all if you friend me on there. 

All dressed up and ready for church a couple weeks ago!

Customizable Paci Clips available here! :)

His new mischievous face!

Mohawk at bath time

Snuggling with Daddy

All my babies!

A quick picture from Jenny's photo shoot.....can't wait to see what she got (on her nice, big camera, not my phone!) :)

Here's a cute one.  This is Cara and Anna, Anna is 4 weeks, 2 days. 
And here is Cara on July 4th at 2 weeks old (same outfit)!

And now a new game.  Everyone says my kids look alike!!  So let's play "Who's That BABY?" :)  Leave a comment and let me know which baby you think this is! :)

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Brad Lane said...



Beaver said...

That has to be Micah. I'm 100% sure. (But I'm also very humble.) :)

Val said...

I vote Cara but goodness they all look alike!!

Matthew and Bailey Walkup said...

Cara in Mom's sink:)

Clint and Meredith said...

It's Cara!

The Paradis Family said...

I have no idea which one that is but ALL of your kiddos are SUPER adorable!!! Can't wait to get to know you and your family better :-)

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