Wednesday, September 08, 2010

10 days and 2 weeks!


Anna is over 10 days old right?  Yes, she is, but my other baby, TOT2TOT is only 10 days away from happening!! :)  So many of you have been SO supportive in telling your friends and family about our venture.  How can you help?  Any of these 3 things would be wonderful:

1)  Send an email to your friends and family in our area and tell them about the great kids consignment sale that is coming up on 9/18!  You can send them to our website ( for more information!  5% of our proceeds are supporting a local mission at our church, we are so excited!

2)  While perusing our website, grab the link for our button and post it on your blog!  All advertising is good advertising! :)

3)  Friend us on facebook!  We post information for buyers, sellers, vendors, etc all on there ( )  And if you're feeling even more our page to all your friends on facebook! :)


Anna is 2 weeks old today!  It's already going much too fast!  She weighed in today at 9 pounds even (up from 8 pounds even last Monday).  Her weight was in the 72%.  Her height (up from birth of 19.75 inches) was 21.25 inches and she was in the 83%.  Her head (birth = 14 inches) circumference was 14.25 inches and she was int he 54%.  Right on par with my other kids.  Big bodies, little heads :).  Everything checked out perfect at the doctor.  I just can't brag on her enough.  I love this little sweet pea!! 

Oh, I forgot to mention her umbilical cord finally fell off early this morning! :)  Yay for real baths!

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