Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Obsession and a free canvas!!

Sorry, I've been really bad about blogging lately!  I keep thinking "I need to put that on the blog so I don't forget" then by the time I sit down, I have already forgotten!  I did want to mention a couple of things:

Micah now signs hi, milk, more, all done, eat (sometimes) and says, mama, dada, no, nanana, yayaya, and nite nite (which is kinda ni ni).  He is so stinking cute.  He had a runny nose for probably a month, and that has finally gone away.  I think all the top teeth are going to break through at the same time like Cara's did!  He still has bright red hair and I'm going to go out on a limb and say it is probably going to be wavy/curly.  It already curls on the back of his head and in the middle on the front!  He is cruising everywhere, but really has no need or want to try to walk on his own yet! :) He is down to nursing only at night now.....and I don't see that stopping anytime soon.  I think I'd miss it too much, but we probably will in a few weeks?

Cara has been such a sweet girl lately.  We had some time without Aynslee last week since her brother had the flu and her mom stayed home, and it was a good time to reconnect.  She says the sweetest, funniest things  Wanted to remember some of her things she probably won't be saying for long as she is getting to be such a 'big girl.'  Instead of "all of them" she says "allfalem," it's cute.  She loves Micah and LOVES to sing and dance.  She has memorized most of the Sh'ma, which is what our churches legacy milestones are based off of.  I have video of it, I'll get it online some day! 

Speaking of the Sh'ma, I just had it printed on a canvas for our home, here's what it'll look like. 

Go to Carrie's website to link to print a canvas for free (and pay shipping).  It makes a great gift!!

So when I'm not sewing or updating facebook in the evenings...I'm digiscrapping!  I just 'started' a few days ago and currently I'm organizing all the freebies I've downloaded.  Here are a couple of pages I've made, all for free!!  I LOVE it! :) 

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Carrie @ said...

Love it! Cute idea for a canvas! See, it can be used for decor, too...not just family pics!

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