Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sleepy Sun by: Mari Hanson

This is my first Mamabzz review, and I had such a blast 'doing' it.  A couple of weeks ago I received this book in the mail, and was absolutely delighted by all of the gorgeous illustrations!  I couldn't wait until bedtime that night so I could read it to Cara.  Because of the title, Sleepy Sun, I assumed it would make a good bedtime story, and I was right!  Cara absolutely loved this book, the very first time I read it.  Sometimes when we read a new book, she sits there quietly and then rolls over and goes to bed, but not this night!  She immediately asked if she could 'read' it and proceeded to take it and remember a few key words from each page and read it back to us.  She even slept with it that night (and a few nights since). 

As a parent, I really enjoyed the multi cultural aspect of this book.  It speaks of all the sun has 'seen' that day, not just your own backyard, but many countries, farmers, busy cities, snow-capped mountains, deserts, forests, etc.  I'm sure it'll get any child dreaming in vivid color!!  It is a beautifully illustrated picture book, with just enough words on each page, and it ends with the sun getting very sleepy, which is a great transition for bedtime.  The ONLY problem I had is with one illustration.  It's on the page "and to countries far away."  It has pictures of cowboys, and fish, and paris, and ballerinas, and spanish dancers, and a boy with what looks like a monster or monkey of some sort on his head, it could possibly be construed as scary.  It's just a bit out of place, meaning as a mother, I hope my child doesn't notice it and focus on it.  To date she hasn't, and since she asks for Sleepy Sun most nights, I know it doesn't bother her!!

We got a signed copy and Cara just thinks that is so neat.  "Look Mommy, someone wrote our name in it!!" :)  It's on sale for $14.99 on, or click the link below!

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Mari Hanson for this review.  I received the book for free with no other compensation.

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