Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, instead of me telling you how cheap I am today (  ;) ) I will instead tell you of one of my splurges.  If you know me well, you know I take lots of pictures.  I've never studied it, and I'm not good at it, but I still love it!  And because I don't want to EVER lose all the pictures I've taken, one of my splurges each year is $24.95 to flickr for their pro account (I used to pay $40 something for 2 it's cheaper that way).  When our computer crashed in December 2007, I didn't lose any pictures!  As soon as I download pictures from my camera to my computer (which these days is every 2 days!), I put them straight onto flickr.  It's just a habit, and I'm glad I have it. 

Since I've had so many new readers as of late, I wanted to throw that out there.  I used to have a flickr badge on my page, so anyone and everyone could see all my pictures.  Then I started getting some lewd comments on pictures right after Micah's birth last year, so I've made all my pictures private.  So please, sign up for flickr if you're my friend, so you can see the literally thousands of pictures I've taken! :)  They have a free account too!  Here is a link to my photostream, with hundreds of new pictures from the past few days.  I will have blog posts coming in the next few days, but Sunday we celebrated Micah's 1st birthday, Tuesday was the girls dance costume party, and today was playgroup's costume party.  Needless to say, I went a little camera happy! :)

Here's a snippet of lots of not wanting to pose costumed kids from today:

And here's one from dance class yesterday.  Disney was quite the theme

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Erin said...

Wow! You've had a busy week! Thanks for the flickr tip! And thanks for stopping by the blog!

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