Tuesday, October 06, 2009


This is always a super happy time and a super sad time for me.  I know I'm ready, I can count how many bottles of breast milk Micah has had in 11.5 months on 1, maybe 2 hands.  I don't go far the first year (or after that truly).  I always have a goal of 12 months of breastfeeding (really, just no formula), but I knew by 9 months that we were going to be cutting it close!  My doctor said by 11 months if he was starting to bite or have extreme sucking (which is what we are currently having...OUCH), he could start on whole milk.  So 11 months came and went and we were good, but then he started again and so last Thursday, we cut out the middle of the day nursing (we were down to morning, before 2nd nap and nighttime).  The first 4 days I did half breast milk/half whole milk in the sippy cup, and then I ran out of breast milk!  Today was our first day to cut the morning session to whole milk too. 

I'm much more torn about this this time verses with Cara.  Cara was ready, I was ready, I started the day after her birthday and it took 9 days total.  She wasn't sad, she loved her sippy (which Micah does too), but this time, I can tell Micah is confused and is still looking to nurse.  Each day gets better and he's taking more and more milk out of the sippy (which he's had with water since 6.5 months), looking back I'm just sad I started.  I could have waited another 2 weeks.  I know I'll feel FREE and happy when we're done, but I may extend the evening nursing longer now.  I was going to do 5 more days with no morning feeding then cut out the evening, but I don't know now.  Anyways, there's where we are at.  Wanted to keep it in the archives for my future reading, which is how I knew when/how C was weaned too! :)

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The White Family said...

Hi Misty! I was happy to make it 5 months with Kaeli and 3 weeks with Avery. Never really enjoyed nursing that much. Oh well, probably why I constantly feel like a terrible mother. Hope to see you in January!

Leah said...

I am starting to think about weaning with Perri and am having big time problems with her taking milk out of sippy. She has always gotten a bottle before bed (of breastmilk) but I didn't think she was partial to bottles at all since she only gets one a day. Anyhow, she is REFUSING milk out of a sippy. She will happily drink loads of water out of it, but milk is a fight. I really, really don't want to do bottles for all feedings with her and then later have to wean her again to sippys. Any suggestions since you've done this?? I am at a loss!!

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