Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cara's 4 year stats

Just so I don't forget them, and can look them up here later, here are Cara's 4 year stats:

She weighed in at 46 pounds.  However, when the nurse typed it in, she typed 43 pounds....which is 91%.  I think that means she's probably still 'off the charts.'

She was 43 inches tall (3 foot 7 inches), which is in the 96%.  Her BMI (interesting that I noticed they start keeping track of this at age 2 went from 17.15 at 84% at age 3, to 16.35 and 77% at age 4. 

My friends and I have noticed how she has shot up in height the past month or so.  And looking at her 3 year pictures to her 4 year pictures, you can tell some of that baby fat is gone :(.  My girl is getting so big!

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1 comment:

Kerry Duty said...

wow, Joshua just had his check up and he's 33 lbs and 39 inches. he's a tiny little thing, that's for sure!

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