Monday, July 12, 2010

Updates for all!

Today was a busy doctor's appointment day for us.  I had an OB appointment, followed by Cara's 4 year well visit. 

All is going well with my pregnancy.  I gained 5 pounds these last 3 weeks (but hey, that was with a trip to Dallas and San Antonio in there!), so now I'm up a net 9 pounds.  If the baby weighs around 4, that's not too bad :).  I look like I've gained 30 or so, but oh well!  My blood pressure was normal, Anna's heart rate was 157.  She's been head down since my last appointment.  I'm 33 weeks 4 days, but am measuring at 36 weeks.  I've been measuring ahead for a few months consistently now, and my doctor and I both have a feeling that I'll be more early/mid August than late August.  I've never been to 39 weeks (delivered Cara at 38 weeks, 6 days and Micah at 38 weeks, 5 days), so here's looking at hopefully 5 ish weeks left!  Eric really needs to get that bathroom done......

Cara's well visit was another story.  I delayed one vaccination, but there was still the finger prick, 3 shots and the TB skin test :(.  She was very very not happy, as you can imagine.  She couldn't even pee in the cup, she was throwing such a fit, so we had to bring it home and now have a cup o'urine in our fridge to drop off tomorrow!  We did go to Double Dave's for lunch and that seemed to cheer her up.  However, all day she's wanted Eric to carry her around, and if she does walk, she walks like she's a 90 year old woman.  Poor girl, going to bed tonight she said when she lays her legs straight her shots STILL hurt, so we prayed to Jesus to come help her feel better.  She said she'd pray and tell him thank you later :).  She did fail her left eye test :(, so we have to go see an opthamalogist now.  She showed she had a slight astygmatism at 1 year, but we never checked anything because she seemed fine.  Now, as she's starting 3 day preschool in the fall, we are going to get everything checked out.  Her blood levels were really low as well, so now we have to go do more blood work (we've done this before and it is even worse than the shots!).  They said she seems anemic (like below 10 is low and she was a 7?). They said with her good diet though that it shouldn't be a big deal. Whatever that means, so next week we go for more blood work and then once we find out the results we go from there.  We signed her up for another year of ballet/tap today.  She's very excited and was quite disappointed when she went with me to sign up, but didn't get to see Ms. Kathy or dance!  Class doesn't start until August 17th....anyone want to offer to take her in case I'm in the hospital? :)

Besides the first night (last Monday) that was AWFUL, we've transitioned Micah nicely to the bottom bunk in now his and Cara's shared room.  We lay him down around 15 minutes before Cara and he has learned that getting out of bed is a bad thing once again.  Tonight, he was still awake when we laid Cara down, but he still did pretty good and stayed in bed.  We do this for both naps and night time, we pray the transition continues to be smooth, especially when Anna comes home!  Micah is doing great.  He's such a little man, and now, for the past week or so, even refers to himself as Micah Man!!  haha, I guess we call him that a bit to much.  He's found a new love of books and will just sit by the bookcase in their room and look and look at all the books.  Such a sweet heart.  He still has the bright red hair, but his eyes are anyone's guess.  Sometimes blue.  Sometimes hazel.  When you really  look at them, it looks like they are blue around the edges and almost brown around the pupils!  Cara and Micah both completed swim lessons a couple weeks ago and they did great.  She is officially a swimmer, putting face in the water and swimming pretty well for her age!  Micah did 'parent and me' and God love Eric because he was a trooper.  He had a lot of fun splashing and kicking, but he's a little young to actually 'swim.' :)

Eric has been keeping busy.  Most Tuesdays I teach at church from 9:30-2:30 and the kids attend Terrific Tuesdays, so he's been getting lots of bathroom work done then.  We are very close to finishing the bathroom, he has to lay some concrete/slope the floor of the shower, then tile!!  We picked out paint today for Anna's room and our bathroom, so we will be doing that this week.  Did I mention my parents are coming to get the kids on Wednesday and keeping them until this weekend!!  My to do list will finally get a bunch of things marked off (I pray!).  If only I could stay awake and not take a 2 hour nap each day.  I'm truly spoiled with Eric being home right now!  And that to do list keeps getting longer and longer.  Not only normal things that need to get done, sewing things that have been ordered that need to be completed, baby things that need to get finished, amending tax returns, finishing a BUNCH of CPE hours for my CPA by end of this month, making Eric his own pre-baby to do list :), but also Tot 2 Tot things, since that is only 3 weeks away from registration opening up!!  Oh, and I must (it's a pre-baby tradition) get a pedicure soon!  Ok, I'm stressing myself out, so onto other things.....

Jack had his surgery last week and is doing well!  You can keep up with his progress on my sister's blog.  Hopefully I get to go up and see him soon!  (first time since he was 8 days old!).  He took his first ever bottle today, another major milestone complete!  Oh how we can't wait to hold him at his house!  Cara can hardly contain herself with the thought of finally getting to meet baby Jack and baby Anna in the next month or so!! 

Ok, I promise to post more soon.  I still haven't posted about the famous dance recital, or her birthday party, or our trip to Dallas, or our recent family vacation to San Antonio, all of which were great!  Now, off to sew......or maybe go to bed..........I still haven't decided!

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